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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series saw the light of day last week. Consumers will soon be able to get started with it, but reviewers can already get started. What seems? Apple is not the first and only party to put less stuff in the packaging.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series takes a little pressure off the kettle in that regard. Apple has been criticized lately as the Cupertino company is likely to leave the earbuds and charger out of the box. It is still a rumor, but few people seem to be fans of the idea. But Apple is clearly not alone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series without earbuds

Consumers cannot yet get started with the new smartphone, but the people at PCWorld have already received a review sample. In the box, employees found a charging cable, charger, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and a number of booklets. But there was no trace of the AKG earplugs. Samsung therefore seems to be taking some pressure off the kettle.

Recently, more and more evidence has surfaced that Apple no longer supplies earplugs in the packaging of the iPhone 12. That news came from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, among others. Shortly afterwards, the rumor surfaced that Apple would also keep the charger out of the package. Something that certainly received some criticism.

The new smartphone (Image: Samsung)

A charger though

The big difference is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series does have a charger of 25W in the package. Rumor has it at this point that Apple does not intend to.

At the moment it is all about expectations and rumors. Nothing has been confirmed from Apple itself. All we know at the moment is that the Cupertino company is showing the new iPhone 12 series later than expected.


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