No compulsory quarantine for a Dutch citizen who travels to risk area NOW


There will be no mandatory two-week quarantine for Dutch travelers who still travel to areas for which negative travel advice has been issued. They are only urgently asked to stay indoors as much as possible for two weeks, sources confirm to after reporting by the WE.

In order to prevent returning travelers in the Netherlands from spreading the virus further, the Cabinet will investigate how travelers can be registered. A random test is also carried out to ensure that they comply with the requested home quarantine.

A letter to parliament containing the exact details will probably follow later this evening.

According to the WE employers are asked to assist employees as much as possible in working from home, so that they do not have to take days off during quarantine. In addition, children and parents need not fear the compulsory education officer if they return from a country with negative travel advice.

Orange travel advice is issued due to health risks

Due to the corona pandemic, orange travel advice applies to many countries and different regions. Those traveling to the Netherlands from these areas are urged to quarantine upon arrival.

At the end of June, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport emphasized that a corona test should not be seen as an alternative. Due to the incubation period, a quarantine period of fourteen days is recommended for the coronavirus.

“Testing is a snapshot, so a negative result does not mean that you are not infected three days later,” a spokesperson told at the time. The ministry spoke about false security. These statements were made in response to the corona tests offered by Corendon.

The travel company planned to resume a number of holiday trips to Turkey. Because an orange travel advice applies to Turkey, Corendon decided to offer travelers a free corona test as an alternative to quarantine. Corendon’s plan was eventually scrapped.


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