Nitrous oxide and weed: man with a knife between his teeth wants to ‘kill police’


For example, a heavily sweating bare-chested man in Hoorn – under the influence of weed and laughing gas and with a knife between his teeth – shouted that he wanted to kill the police.


According to the police, he shouted all kinds of things and made ‘primal noises’, after which he fled into a tanning salon when the police arrived.

There he destroyed everything. The police used pepper spray to overpower him. He then admitted the use of narcotics.

Naked to the LSD

Guests of a campsite in Den Burg on Texel had taken off their clothes there under the influence of LSD. A 23-year-old man flew into the police officers and had to be brought under control with the help of pepper spray. An officer was injured in the process. The man and a woman have been arrested.

Excitement Delier

In Haarlem, a 38-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of theft of a camera from a construction site. He turned out to be under the influence of cocaine and, according to the police, was probably in a so-called excitement delirium.

After the theft, he walked into a cafe. When he left the pub, the police arrested him, and he strongly resisted. An officer was injured in the fight, but the suspect was also not unharmed from the bite of a police dog.


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