Nine visitors from Tilburg fair had a corona, but the event was not a seat of fire


Nine people who attended the Tilburg fair had corona. Six of them were contagious at the time. This is evident from figures from the GGD. There is no question of a seat of fire, which many critics feared. There are currently no more infections in Tilburg than anywhere else.

The municipality of Tilburg is slowly starting to relax, after hectic weeks around the fair. The city was criticized for having the fair go on. Virologist Ab Osterhaus, among others, told Omroep Brabant that because of the fair there was a great chance that the number of hospital admissions in the region would increase.

Councilor Rolph Dols is on vacation but his spokesperson dares to conclude that there is no direct link between the corona infections and the event they organize. “We found that people were abiding by the rules at the fair,” said spokesman Tom Daelman. “The flow was good and the measures we have taken have worked.”

No evidence of more infections
According to Sandra Verhoeven of the GGD, there are no indications that the fair has led to more infections. Although that is not always easy to prove. “Since the measures were further relaxed on 1 July and people move more freely through society, the number of contacts people have increased,” Verhoeven explains.

“This makes it more difficult to find out where infected people have contracted the virus. For example, if someone says: I went to the funfair, I visited a café and I went to a party at the neighbor’s house, you can’t tell where the source is. is sitting. “

The infection rates may increase even up to two weeks after the fair has closed. The effect is only certain after Sunday.


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