Nigerian singer (22) is sentenced to death for insulting …


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An Islamic court in Nigeria on Monday sentenced a 22-year-old singer behind closed doors for insulting the Muslim prophet Mohammed in a song he had distributed via Whatsapp. Following the song’s publication in March, angry protesters set fire to Yahaya Aminu Sharif’s house and demanded his prosecution, after which he was arrested.

Sharia, Islamic law, has applied in several provinces in northern Nigeria since the beginning of this century. It sentences people to death for adultery, murder, homosexuality and once for blasphemy. None of these death sentences have yet been carried out.

The death penalty for blasphemy involved a cleric from a Sufi community, a movement within Islam that is considered heretical to some other Muslims. Sharif also belongs to a Sufi order. It is unclear exactly what the man sang. The singer has a month to appeal against the death penalty.

The court also sentenced a thirteen-year-old boy to ten years in prison for insulting Allah during an altercation with a friend.


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