Neymar: Paris Saint-Germain depends on the star, who knows it’s time to make up


As Neymar himself emphasized, there is an irreversible opportunity here for PSG to correct the shortcomings of previous years. She meets an inexperienced opponent (though very threatening and unusually attractive) and is on the comfortable side of the lottery. In 2018 the Brazilian missed the rematch against Real Madrid due to injury, and saw his team lose again and relegated. Last year he was injured again at exactly the same stage of the season (coincidentally, or not, just around the birthday celebrations) and was amazed like everyone else when his teammates dropped a 0-2 lead over Manchester United with a dramatic 3-1 loss at Park de France that came up while relegation In the quarterfinals. This time all the stars are missing and only Neymar is found.

During the preparation period he looked great, but also showed typical arrogance in these games, such as the same kick without a ball in Nir Bitton in a meeting with Celtic. On the only goal in both finals he was signed, thus raising his balance to 70 goals and 36 assists in 82 games, but the goal was scored after Ambape’s move and before his injury. In the next 180 minutes (another 60 against Saint-Etienne in the cup final and then 120 minutes zeroed against Lyon in the League Cup final) PSG could not find the net. The attack faltered, and this will be the challenge for Neymar, who will continue in the 10th position with Pablo Sarabia in the role of Ambape and next to him Mauro Icardi.

Is he able to withstand the pressure and lead PSG to a historic Champions League win and also to an unprecedented quadruple? If so, he will finally have the legitimacy to claim the title of best player in the world (even if the prize of the year is not awarded). Counselor Pons believes he will succeed: “The heavier the pressure, the greater the challenge and the stronger the opponent, the greater his motivation to showcase his skills. Neymar is an artist, and he expresses himself through his talent and the magic he has in his legs. He is a good guy who constantly strives. To perfection and always committed, despite the image of the party animal that stuck with him. “


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