Next Ubisoft head leaves the company


  There is shit on the marble at Ubisoft.  After expressing a disgusting work culture, several heads left.  So now also Tommy François, vice president of creative and editorial.

</p><div>Tommy François, vice president of creative and editorial services at Ubisoft, has left the company.  The company confirms this to Business Insider and Games Industry.</div><div><div id="rs-1596459183357" class="rs-snippet rs-snippet__paragraph rs-snippet__paragraph--default rs-snippet__paragraph--default"><p>François is part of alleged sexual misconduct and a toxic work culture at Ubisoft, which has left many heads leaving the company earlier.  Serge Hascoet, head of Ubisoft's Canadian studios and Maxime Belánd, vice president of editorial, stepped down.

The situation came to light via Bloomberg, where (former) Ubisoft employees spoke out about misconduct and racism at the company. However, CEO Yves Guillemot said nothing about this in his letter about the departure.

Due to an investigation into the working culture at Ubisoft, François was already put inactive in June. On this basis, Guillemot indicated that ‘major changes’ are being made at the company:

“Ubisoft has failed to fulfill its duty to create a safe and inclusive work environment for its employees. This is unacceptable, because toxic behavior directly goes against and never compromises the values ​​I never compromise on. I am committed to making big changes in the company to improve and strengthen our work culture. ”

French union Solidaires Informatique is currently preparing a lawsuit against Ubisoft.