Next Apple Watch Activity Challenge will take place on August 30th – One More Thing


To be fair, with the current temperatures, I really shouldn’t think about traveling great distances at the moment. But hopefully that heat will be gone in a few weeks and we’ll be able to compete in the Apple Watch Activity Challenge.

The Apple Watch Activity Challenge takes place on August 30 this year and is all about making users realize how beautiful nature is. Or as Apple puts it: ‘to celebrate the natural wonder of national parks’. During that day you are invited to go outside and move.

The Apple Watch Activity Challenge is coming

During the Apple Watch Activity Challenge, you are challenged to run at least a mile, about 1.6 kilometers. You can do this on foot, by hiking (that is not really possible in the Netherlands), running or moving with the wheelchair. That way, everyone in the world can participate. You do that? Then you earn an achievement and you can forever show others that you participated in this event. To get it, you have to use the Workouts app on the Apple Watch or another app that stores workouts in the Health app. So if you are on a nice walk and have forgotten that, then you have to walk an extra round.

Earn stickers (Image: Apple)

It is now the third time that the Apple Watch Activity Challenge is being held. Last year, the action revolved around the US Grand Canyon National Park. That year it celebrated its hundredth anniversary. The bar for achieving last year’s achievement was slightly higher. Then you had to cover a distance of 3 miles, which is almost five kilometers. In that respect, this year’s promotion has become a bit friendlier and it is easier to participate.

You will be kept informed

Well you don’t have to write this event in your agenda. Your Apple Watch will notify you on the day or slightly before that the event is coming up. Would you like to read more about the smartwatch? Then visit our overview page here.


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