New Street Fighter V season announced with old acquaintances and a guest character


A new, last Street Fighter Vseason has just been announced with a bunch of old friends. In total, five new characters will appear between now and fall 2021, which unfortunately is still quite a distance from us.

The first known is Dan Hibiki, who is always a kind of comic and unsuccessful copy of Ryu and Ken. His Hadouken, for example, is only a puff of wind instead of a full fireball, and many more things like that. It will be released in winter 2020 and comes later Alpha 3– in Street Fighter IV-Veteran Rose’s turn in the spring of 2021. Then in the summer of 2021 we go a little further back in time to Street Fighter III: A New Generation with old fan favorite Oro. That same summer, a guest character will also appear in the form of Akira Kazama, known from Capcoms Rival Schoolsfighting sequence. Later there will also be a fifth character, but it has not yet been announced. You can find the entire roadmap below:

Although it is a nice announcement in itself, many are Street Fighterfans (and ourselves too) shocked at the length of it all. Waiting a year and a few months for a few new characters is quite a lot, but the corona virus will not have helped. Fortunately, each update also comes with additional costumes and the first update will come with a balance update and even a “new battle mechanic”, which could be anything to keep the game fresh again. The most obvious is a new Critical Art for each character. We’re going to see it in a few months.

You can watch the entire announcement here.


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