New owner bankrupt Wapen van Westerbork will open its business again on Friday


Less than a week after the bankruptcy of the Wapen van Westerbork and the Bobobar, a new owner is already at the helm. Entrepreneur Sander Vos, known from De Turfsteker and the Meursinge conference center, takes over the business and opens its doors again to the public on Friday.

Last weekend Vos reached an agreement about the takeover of the property and inventory. “It got around pretty quickly,” says Vos, who wants to open the restaurant again quickly because of the high season. “I think it is a sad sight when you cycle through a village and one building is empty, while the rest is full. That does not come across well. The entrepreneur in me then comes up: I want to open again as soon as possible.”

In the short term, little changes in the Wapen van Westerbork, while the Bobobar remains closed due to the corona measures. In winter, Vos has plans to change things up. “The Bobobar will merge with the company as we envision it, so no more separate discotheque. But the space for the youth remains. We want a brasserie-like atmosphere in which you can create a dance floor if necessary.”

Corona crisis turned old owners fatal

The old owners Nico and Kim van der Veen were unable to keep their heads above water due to the corona crisis. The owner duo thought they could sing for two or three months, but five months she has become too much.

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