New Legendary Animals Teca and Sun Gator, Naturalist bonus and more


Red Dead Online players can squeeze hands again this week with two new Legendary Animals, the Teca and Sun Gator.

Furthermore, Naturalists, the brand new Frontier role introduced in the most recent major update, will be able to enjoy bonuses and much more to do in the online world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Naturalists can enjoy a laundry list of bonuses such as: 50% extra XP and money for new Legendary Animals, the Teca and Sun Gator, players get a special color for the O’Quinn when they take down the Teca Gator and a special color for the Helsby Gloves when you shoot the Sun Gator.

In addition, new Naturalists receive a free Role Accessory, outfit or Emote, stunning an animal earns them the Gila Monster Camp Flag. Players will also receive a new color for the Farnholme Double Bandolier when they complete an Animal Sighting Mission. Finally, they receive a free Treasure Map with the purchase of a Wilderness Camp.

In Gus’s Trapper Store, players will now find the Alligator variation of the Improved Bow, The Teca Coat and Sun Coat, made from Gator skins, players who buy both jackets will receive the new Corchado Poncho as a gift.

In addition, the following clothing items will be added to the catalog: Corchado Poncho, Sandoval Jacket, Windcliff Coat, Pedrosa Pants, Plata Pants, Moreton Boots, Fairbairn Dress, Litten Dress, Helsby Gloves, O’Quinn Hat, and there are new color variations of the Marshall Coat, Killiman Vest and Diamondback Hat.

Furthermore, until September 21, Naturalists enjoy a number of benefits such as a 30% discount on a Novice of Promising item in the Naturalist Role, 2000 Naturalist XP, Sedative Varmint Cartridges, Legendary Animal Pheromone, Ability Card and 30% discount on a revolver.

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