New information must resolve after 25 years of murder of 8-year-old Manon


25 years ago, Manon Seijkens disappeared in Helmond in Brabant. A large search followed, but only months later her body was found in bushes near her parental home. Despite an extensive police investigation, no perpetrator has been found.

Over the years, three suspects have been arrested, but all three have been released. “Rightly so”, says team leader Jeroen Snellen of the cold case team of the East Brabant police. “None of the three arrested men did it.”

For a few years now, Snellen and his team have been bothering about who did it. It was already known that a 27 centimeter long black hair was found in Manon’s body, now DNA research has revealed that the hair comes from someone from East Asia.

Dader of partner

“The hair could be the perpetrator’s,” says Snellen, “but it could just as well have come from someone close to the perpetrator, such as a partner.” It could also be from someone else with whom Manon had contact just before her death. The hair is certainly not one of the three suspects previously arrested.

Another important track is the shoes Manon wore when she was found. She had left home barefoot and was wearing colorful Marie-Claire ladies’ pumps after her death. Extra holes were made in the straps to make them suitable for a child’s foot.

All tips are welcome

The investigators hope that by sharing their findings, new witnesses will report or new tips will come in. “In recent years we have pulled out all the stops, re-examined everything to find the culprit. Unfortunately, that has not yet produced the desired result,” says Snellen.

The perpetrator is probably from the neighborhood, says the police, because the location of the body can only be reached by a lock. A route you need to know to get there.

Snellen hopes that, for example, the hair of East Asian descent will ring a bell with someone. “Maybe in combination with a local resident of the time. Perhaps someone sees a connection between those long, black hair and the striking women’s shoes found at Manon. Or does someone remember who had such shoes in that neighborhood.” Even if people only have a snippet of information, they can contact the police. “We examine every tip.”


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