New government team makes shocking revelations in the Surinamese parliament


The intention is to highlight example Surinamese every weekend. The Surinamese to be exposed are those who generally have their hearts in the right place. The more people are aware of their own qualities, the more they use these qualities. The more the qualities become of service to others, the better one feels and the more the personal quality grows in strength.

Today the story of Ligia Nathoe.
She was born on September 26, 1996
in Paramaribo. The school at the highest level she attended is Unasat, where she does business management economics and law.

This young intelligent lady is very eager to work. She started working at the age of seventeen. Ligia has provided its services and strengths to various companies and at different levels.

Miss Nathoe is of the opinion that there is a lack of motivation in the community. “Yes, those who can pronounce the right words at the right times are too few in number,” says Ligia. The reason for her to use social media to offer a platform to those who are actually shy when it comes to motivation.

On her You Tube channel and her Facebook page, she motivates and inspires young people so that they know, for example, that it is okay to talk about your feelings. In fact, pent-up feelings can lead to unwanted behaviors, she says.
Ligia emphasizes that environmental pressure should not turn you into a person who you really are not.

She also indicates that her messages reach many in society. This is evident from the responses.
Her advice is, wherever possible, to sincerely serve your fellow man with words of motivation as long as you do so from the bottom of a sincere heart. She also wants to encourage everyone to treat others with respect.


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