New form for caring neighbors in Mechelen (Mechelen)




Theme image: Malinois can help their neighbors, for example, by shopping. — © BELGAIMAGE


Malinois who want to help a fellow townsman voluntarily, for example to go shopping or to walk the dog, can now register via a new platform. The Mechelen city council wants to continue the solidarity that arose during the full corona crisis.


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p class=”gva-3ee037ad_root gva-3ee037ad_paragraph gva-68d24f7d_none gva-ef7ba41a_system gva-6c6ea21_marginbottom5 gva-6c6ea21_margintop0 gva-21a3e72f_inherit” style=”color:#000000″>During the corona crisis, many people volunteered to help family members or neighbors. About a thousand residents of Mechelen applied both via an online volunteer platform and via a special telephone number. The software behind the volunteer platform was offered for free, but the agreement has now expired. To maintain the wave of solidarity that arose, the city is launching the form ‘Help for my neighbor


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