New footage pops up of George Floyd: “Don’t shoot me” (video)


Foto Belga / D. Waem

A British newspaper has published new footage of George Floyd’s arrest. You can see how the black American begs the police not to shoot him.

George Floyd died in May after an officer knelt on his neck for minutes on his arrest in Minneapolis. Images of Floyd who repeatedly make it clear that they have not been able to get air went around the world and caused great outrage.

The British Daily Mail says it has now obtained new footage of the arrest. They come from the cameras that officers wear on their bodies. A video on the newspaper’s site shows an agent pulling Floyd out of a car with a firearm drawn.

“Don’t shoot me anymore”

Floyd immediately seems very upset. He sobs and begs for his life. Please don’t shoot me, sir. Please ”he says. “I’m not going to shoot you,” responds the policeman.

The man later says that he is claustrophobic if officers want to put him in a police car. “I’m dying there,” protests Floyd, who yells, screams, and struggles. Agents eventually knock him to the ground, with the known fatal circulation.

Prohibited images

It is unclear how the newspaper got the images. The judge in the case against four police officers involved had not authorized the American media to publish the videos of the police cameras.

A lawyer from Floyd’s relatives says that the leaked images show that Floyd was not a dangerous suspect. “The police officers went at him with drawn weapons just because he was a black man,” the lawyer told CNN.


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