New drama series in the making for Omroep MAX: Maud and Babs | NOW


Omroep MAX starts this summer with the filming of a new drama series: Maud and Babs. The series will be shown on NPO1.

The series is eight parts and is about caregiver Maud who takes care of her demented mother Babs. In addition to taking care of her mother, Maud also runs a midwifery practice and a family with two studying children.

The main roles in the series are played by Loes Luca (My life), Rifka Lodeizen (Judas), Kim van Kooten (Hollands Hoop) and Peter Paul Muller (Bram Fischer). The scenarios were written by Patty Stenger (Vintage) and the direction is in the hands of Barbara Bredero (Language is really my thing). The series is based on the serials by Elle van Rijn entitled Maud’s Diary in the Dragonfly.


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