New details around ‘Fake 4k’ resolution of PS5 surfaced


Earlier, twitterer AestecticGamer, also known as Dusk, reported that the PlayStation 5 would have trouble producing 4K resolutions. After asking experts, he had to admit that he made up the story ‘because Xbox Series X got so much negative news’


Previously, gamers received the disturbing message that developers would struggle to develop on the PlayStation 5 with 4K output. According to him, the PlayStation 5 would also be more expensive than the Xbox Series X.
The person who launched these rumors was known by the names AestheticGamer and Dusk. He specifically discussed the development of Resident Evil 8, which, according to him, the developers would have great difficulty in achieving 4K image quality and instead implement a ‘fake 4k’.

However, now it appears that he made the whole story from his thumb. He started making up the stories after Microsoft announced that Halo Infinite would be delayed to next year. The reason for the ‘leak’ of the false information about PlayStation 5 was to ‘create a level playing field’ after Xbox had to endure so much negative news.

Fake 4k news alert turns out to be fake itself

A fellow twitterer became suspicious after the series of tweets and asked for details, including the specifications of the devkit version, Sofware Development kit version and version of the code used for Resident Evil 8. He did not have the answer and confessed not to have technical knowledge of the content, but only to pass on what he had received ‘hearsay’.

This Dusk also turns out to be a mod on Retsetera, where he also posted these posts. He has since been fired as a mod there, and his series of posts there has been closed.


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