New commander of the Golani Brigade: “We will meet every task”


(Photo: IDF Spokesman)

Colonel Barak Hiram took office today (Sunday) as commander of the Golani Brigade. The exchange ceremony was held at the Golani Brigade’s Heritage Site, in the presence of the Commander of the Northern Command, Maj. Gen. Amir Baram, Commander of the Gaash formation, Brigadier General Dan Neumann, commanders, fighters, bereaved families, family members, and other guests.

Colonel Barak Hiram replaced Colonel Shai Kalper, who has served in this position for the past two and a half years.

Gaash, commander of the Gaash formation, Brigadier General Dan Neumann, told the outgoing Golani commander: “Samaria and a push for a high operational standard on the Syrian border. Your operational experience and spirit are evident on every front.”

(Photo: IDF Spokesman)

To the incoming brigade commander, Neumann said: “Barak, the eyes of all are on you, your leadership and your professionalism, your decisions and the courage to demand and lead. I trust you to know how to prepare the brigade and the brigade battle team for battle in spirit and profession. The man – and another will not be; and now is the time – and another will not be, and this is the way – through you and smile. “

Colonel Shai Kalper said: “I end with a deep sense of trust in the people and the brigade. Along the way, in training and occupations, you warriors and commanders have instilled in me confidence and strength and proved that ‘Golani’ can do any task. ‘Golani’ for me is the solid strength of the warrior, “The class, the platoon and the company, this is the professional and operational expertise. This is the pursuit of touch and adherence to the mission until victory. This is leadership at eye level, command in front, this is to demand and encourage initiative, to know how to back up and be there when it doesn’t work out.”

“Golani” for me is to say what you think and mean what you say, not to be afraid to take responsibility and if I have to also say ‘I was wrong.’ This is the brown part at the end of the blue arrow, this is the brigade that will win the next war. ‘Golani’ for me is a nature reserve in the IDF landscape and the essence of Israeliness.

(Photo: IDF Spokesman)

The incoming commander of the Golani Brigade, Colonel Barak Hiram, said: “The coupling of evil and great love, along with the loss and pain of the fall of a friend, commander or commander, this terrible wholeness together – is what makes Golani what it is. Endless commitment – in clear recognition of its meaning .

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