Never blocks: Avar is the next thing that comes in a million


Summer breaks go through most football fans’ thoughts. Some cultivate hopes regarding the acquisition, others fear the strengthening of the rivalry and there are also those who wonder what would have happened if their team had behaved differently. Lyon fans, for example, sometimes sin in fantasies, and the truth is, they can be understood. Imagine that the team would keep its stars and continue to nurture its wonderful youth department.

Where would a team with Hugo Loris, Perlan Mandy, Samuel Omititi, Diane Lubran, Tangi Andombela, Miralem Pianic, Korentan Tolisso, Nabil Fakir, Johan Marsial, Alexander Lacassette and Kerim Benzema come from? Probably not in seventh place, where Lyon finished in the league last season. But dreams apart, and reality apart. Those same players wanted to advance to glittering leagues, senior teams and big money – while Lyon, at the same time, wanted to pad their bank account.

So no one will be surprised if even during the short summer break the club manages to say goodbye to some of its talented players and the most prominent name is of Avar blocker, An introverted French boy who does not often talk off the field, but with his feet, on the lawn.

Like many in Lyon with many identities, Awar is of Algerian descent, the son of an immigrant who worked hard as a nurse so that nothing would be missing in the family home. As a child he ran after the ball with his friends, and dreamed of juggling like Zinedine Zidane. “I think he was the player who made me love football,” Avar answered a question in the context of Elilo, to whom he has been compared more than once because of his background, origin and, of course, ability. “I like his way of playing and his demeanor. He’s a great player, and he’s French. So yeah, he’s the source of inspiration.”

Avar was already prominent at the age of 11 in the local club’s children’s group. He was so impressed that in 2016 Liverpool tried to sign him before signing the first professional contract of his life. “I chose to stay in Lyon because the club is dear to my heart, and I wanted to succeed in it,” he said in retrospect.

He was later called up to the youth teams of France and at the age of 19, after starring in the youth teams of Juventus and Sevilla that season, he scored the debut goal in the seniors – in the Europa League against Alcamer. Lyon realized what they had in hand and following the sale of Tolisso to Bayern Munich, Avar preceded the first team, and has not left it to this day. As a left-handed contact, as a central contact and sometimes also as a back contact.

If you ask Lyon fans, this is the perfect modern connection. He is trained in releasing stress thanks to his cold-blooded nature and technical abilities that are characterized by great ball control and agile deceptions that confuse opponents. Those who try to block his delivery lines will find that it is a matter of morality, whether he passes a fast wide ball into the field or an accurate level. And if the opposing defender still succeeded in the task and made it difficult for the contact to look for his teammates, then the ability to kick from a distance will be reflected. Many watched him great, and not for nothing did he win shirt number 8 – the number of former Lyon star, Juninho.

He finished the 2017-2018 season with 44 appearances in all competitions, 7 goals and 6 assists and apart from the great interest around him, he was nominated for the FIFA Golden Boy title for the best young player. The following season he scored the same amount Goals and almost doubled the amount of cooking, as he is a key part of the team that reached the third place in the French league and surrendered in the last 16 of the Champions League only to Barcelona, ​​after not losing at all in the home stage. Three goals.

“Great player blocker. He’s amazing!”, He admired Pep Guardiola After the second confrontation with him. “He is always calm with the ball at his feet, always controlling him in an extraordinary way.” Rumors that he would move to City began to pile up and last summer many media outlets reported that Zidane was willing to give up Pogba just for him, and not for Eriksen, Van de Beek, Fabian Royaz or Kai Haberz in whom team president Florentino Perez was interested. Other teams, such as PSG, Chelsea and Napoli, have also expressed interest.

But Avar also opened this season in the La Gon uniform, and despite his team’s mediocre season, he continued to stand out. When he played as a left-back he could clearly see his technical abilities with almost 8 balls per game in about 66 percent success (the outstanding bowler in Lyon), and he was also not afraid to threaten the goal with 2.83 kicks per game. Only DePay kicked more than him in Lyon.

When playing in midfield, he managed the game and delivered dangerous passes (6.94 to the last third of the court with 78.1 percent accuracy and 2.2 to the opponent’s court area) and even participated in the defensive game when necessary, with 2.2 steals and taking over 3.97 of the opponent’s balls per game. Even Messi Enthusiastic about his performance and chose him as one of the 15 young players he thinks will flourish in the future. “He is always cool with the ball and has excellent technical abilities,” the flea noted.

So are we expecting a blooming Bavarian outside of Lyon next season? Hard to know. Juventus see it as the creative refreshment needed for them, Arsenal need a player to step into the shoes of Mesut Ozil and England claim that City want to bring him in to fight with Phil Puden and Bernardo Silva for David Silva’s place. Now, at 22, it seems time to leave the nest. where? A good game today (22:00, 5SPORT), in front of the examining eyes of Pep and the rest of Europe, will fly it high. And if Lyon pass City, the team’s bad season in the league will be forgotten. Bad play, and the new market conditions imposed by the Corona could leave Avar at his mother’s house for another season. A lot is at stake – for him, and for his team.


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