Netflix won’t make ‘The Old Guard 2’ anytime soon


Last month, the sort of superhero film The Old Guard appeared on Netflix, including Charlize Theron. Given the end of the film, a second part is expected by many. But will it be there (soon)?The Old Guardcreator Greg Rucka thinks his own. In conversation with Discussing Film, Rucka said it will probably take a while.

“There have been talks, but nothing has been confirmed yet and I don’t think a second part will be decided in the short term. The decision to make another one will be made by people far beyond my reach . “

Should there be a sequel?
Although Rucka would like to see a sequel, he does not think it should necessarily be there. “There is more that can be done and the movie definitely opens the door for that, but it doesn’t ask for it. It’s not like, ‘Oh, this only makes sense if we do another one!'” according to the creator of the comic.The first part of director Gina Prince-Bythewood was a great success according to Netflix. With excellent reception, the film would have been watched by 72 million subscribers within one month of its release.


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