Netflix pulls the plug on White Lines after just one season


White Lines was hailed by Netflix as the successor to The Paper House. But where the latter has already had four successful seasons to his name (and a fifth is on the way), it stops White Lines after just one potty season. ‘With a heavy heart I announce that White Lineseason two will not come ”, he told fans. ‘The ship has passed well and well. I would like to thank everyone for their support and fans from all over the world. Goodbye Marcus… You were my favorite. ‘

In White Lines Twenty years after his mysterious disappearance, the body of a legendary Manchester DJ is found on the beautiful island of Ibiza. His sister does not hesitate for a moment and packs her things to return to the Spanish island and wants to find out what happened at all costs. She immerses herself in a world of dance clubs, lies and cover-ups, but is also confronted with her own dark sides …

The series was written by Álex Pina, who is also responsible for its success The Paper House and has contributed to Vis a Vis. Also the producers of the hit series The Crown participate in this project. Still, the series turned out to be less successful than hoped.

Netflix keeps unpacking, it turns out. The Dutch-Belgian series Undercover was also a huge success and even hit so well that there will be a film with ‘our Ferry’ in the lead role. Actor Frank Lammers tells all about it in the video below.


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