Netflix allows users to play videos faster or slower NOW


Video service Netflix is ​​adding new buttons to increase or decrease the playback speed of videos, the company announced through its blog on Friday.

The speed of videos can be halved or increased by 50 percent, the company said. Netflix tested the options internally since last October.

The feature will be gradually made available in the Netflix Android app. In addition, the streaming service is testing the same option for the app for the iPhone, the app for the iPad and on the web, where it will be rolled out later.

The addition has multiple uses, according to Netflix. Speeding up videos, for example, makes it possible to watch a movie or series faster.

Slowing down videos would be useful for deaf and hard of hearing users, who would then have more time to read the subtitles. According to the streaming service, the option is also useful for users who want to learn a language by watching foreign-language programs.

Some podcast and audiobook apps have long offered users the option to play sound faster or slower.


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