Netanyahu’s supporters called for him “all leftists will die” – the Prime Minister did not …


During a tour of the city of Ramla, the prime minister arrived at a falafel stand and bought himself a dish • Outside the store he encountered his supporters who greeted him – but also took the opportunity to tease the leftists • In the documentation Netanyahu can be seen walking away – does not condemn the statements or calls for them to stop • On the video: “The left has suddenly grown ears. Condemns violence and incitement”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived today (Monday) on a tour of Ramla, after visiting the Home Front Command base in the city. On his way out of the falafel shop, he met his supporters who greeted him – but also did not miss an opportunity to shout insults, such as: “All leftists will die.” Netanyahu, who was nearby, did not respond to the harsh remarks. The prime minister responded to the video by saying: “I am glad that the left has suddenly grown ears. For me it is consistent: it condemns incitement and violence on all sides.”

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Netanyahu stopped buying a dish at a local business in the city, and posted a video documenting the incident on his Facebook page. He wrote: “Go on a diet, go out to eat and strengthen the small business. Thank you for the support and the pita!”. At the exit of the restaurant, the crowds, who photographed the prime minister and marched towards him, cheered.

Along with the positive calls, some people found it appropriate to curse the leftists, and wish for their deaths. In the documentation it can be seen that the prime minister is in the vicinity of those who came out with derogatory cries – but did not respond to them and did not condemn things on the spot. According to reports, Netanyahu did not hear the calls, and indeed as can be seen in the documentation – he is indeed moving away from the place at the same time.

Netanyahu responded to the documentation, saying: “I am glad that the left has suddenly grown ears. For me it is consistent: I condemn incitement and violence from all sides. Not outside my home in left-wing demonstrations and not on the street.” The prime minister added: “We must unite in our joint struggle in Corona. I expect Meir Lapid, Ayman Odeh and the leaders of the left to condemn the incitement and threats of murder in the demonstrations they are leading against me.”

Earlier today, the Prime Minister, together with Defense Minister Bnei Gantz, paid a visit to the Home Front Command’s special headquarters set up to cut off the contagion chain. Netanyahu said: “We are doing an excellent job here. Thank you to all the women and reservists who enlisted for this important mission. Together we will defeat the Corona.”

During the tour this morning, in response to a News 12 report, Netanyahu also referred to what his son Yair said about the protesters in Balfour, whom he called “aliens” and caused a stir. “These are political demonstrations, left-wing demonstrations fueled by the left, there are strange phenomena beyond the incessant incitement against me and my family, calls for murder that are not reported. A political matter with the phenomena of angles,” Netanyahu said. “When there is such a level of incitement and legitimacy for incitement on the part of top politicians, it is something that should shake the country.”


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