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ביבס ביבס

Haim Bibbsםילום: Avshalom Sassoni / Flash90

The Likud claims that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unofficially working to establish a new right-wing party that will run in the upcoming elections.

The party is headed by Haim Bibbs, an associate of Netanyahu who serves as mayor of Modi’in and chairman of the local government center, Yedioth Ahronoth reported this morning.

“Netanyahu can not trust the entire right-wing bloc and can not be sure that he will have a bloc of 61 MKs,” a Likud source explained. That is why he is working behind the scenes to form an area party that will receive several seats and guarantee him a bloc of 61 “.

Netanyahu believes that this move will allow the new party to “receive” voters who were disappointed with him in light of the failures to deal with Corona.

Bibbs, who is considered one of the most powerful politicians in local government and one of Netanyahu’s secret agents, did not deny that he was considering running for Knesset, but clarified: “It is irresponsible and insane for systems to consider another election soon. It will be a robbery of public trust.”


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