Netanyahu visits Corona’s government: does not want elections


Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived tonight with the Minister of Health and the Corona Projector to visit the control center.

Tonight (Sunday), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured the Corona Knesset together with Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Corona Commander Prof. Roni Gamzo, during which they addressed the continuation of the fight against the virus alongside the political struggles.

Prime Minister Netanyahu first referred to the grants and then to the continued treatment of Corona; “I have asked the offices to bring me long-term plans so that we can ensure the successful transition of the Corona.”

The prime minister added: “We are also examining options for vaccines. The signs at the moment seem encouraging, but it is too early to say. If there are vaccines, I want Israel to have access to these vaccines. The first to receive them will be the medical staff and groups at risk, and then the general population.”

On the political battle over the budget that threatens to overthrow the government sooner than expected, Netanyahu said: “To overcome the economic crisis, money must now be injected, in the immediate term, into a three-month budget. We do not know what the longer-term economic picture will look like. Money for the economy, and later there will be a budget for the year to come. ”

“There is no reason why this should not be done, the transfer of the budget should not be conditioned on political considerations,” added Netanyahu, who clarified that “the government should not fall. It is possible to transfer the budget tomorrow, there is no need for elections.”

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein referred to the morbidity data from recent days and said that “it is clear that we have managed to stop the virus, but it is not enough.” He said, “We have proven that when there is good teamwork and assistance, it is possible to achieve in the field. The numbers are still high, and we must continue to make an effort. It depends on the cooperation of us all. If we make the effort together, we will not only stop the spread. And interrupted the spread of the disease. ”

Edelstein commented on the coming winter and fears of a collapse in hospitals, as the fight against the corona would connect to routine flu loads and said: “We have had some discussions about it. We have 3 million flu shots, and we continue to look for more vaccines. “Anyone who wants to will get it. We are also looking at rapid corona tests so that anyone with symptoms can get an answer right away. I will note that a mask and distance reduce the chance of catching the flu, not just Corona.”

Corona projector Prof. Roni Gamzo referred at the press conference to changes from recent days, including the IDF’s introduction of virus treatment, and said: “The army is doing its job in every aspect, including entering a more comprehensive information process and understanding what is happening in the ultra-Orthodox and Arab sectors. We are close to a situation where the morbidity will decrease. We are still in a stable zero line, the download is critical in all sectors. ”

Prof. Gamzo addressed the ultra-Orthodox sector and said: “In this period, which is called between the times, it is important to keep the rules and continue to reduce morbidity. It depends on the discipline of all of us, cooperation, authorities and sector leaders.

Gamzo also referred to the possibility that further restrictions will be imposed: “We must not be reckless, we understand the economic hardship and difficulty, and know that it can not last long. We want to create proper enforcement, and the rules will be clear this time. It will be easier for us to lower limits. “Tomorrow we will bring the existing framework to the Corona cabinet, and we will discuss the future. We can discuss, for example, what is happening with a very large restaurant that has space.”


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