Netanyahu to Mandelblit: “Threatening my wife’s rape, you are shedding our blood”; Mandelblit: “Handling every complaint”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Tuesday) sent a scathing letter to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in which he warned that “your nothingness in the face of calls for the murder of me and my family and the threats of rape of my wife is nothing less than a scandalous warning of our blood.”

“To the best of my recollection,” Netanyahu wrote, “I have not approached you directly in recent years on personal matters, although I have had endless good reasons for doing so.

“In recent months, there has been an unprecedented campaign against me and my family, including calls for violence and even the murder of me and my family. We thought we had crossed all the red lines. It turns out we were wrong.”

The prime minister added: “Last week, demonstrators in front of the prime minister’s residence waved inflated genitals on which they wrote abusive graffiti of a sexual nature aimed at my wife, Bnei Yair and me. This blatant sexual contempt, and more in public space, has so far received no response from you.

Benjamin Netanyahu Photo: Bloomberg

“And as if that’s not enough, you also did not find it appropriate to open an immediate investigation into the tweet of abomination sent to you by a surfer who explicitly threatened to rape my wife – not implicitly, not vaguely, but with the threat of a brutal and shocking act of rape:” I am so patriotic that I feel obligated It is national to put Sarah Netanyahu on all fours and then with Jewish power and Zionist determination to penetrate her from behind. ”

Netanyahu also wrote to Mandelblit that he “does not remember in the public discourse against women and public figures in Israel a threat of such a degrading and degrading sexual nature since the establishment of the state. The silence of most women’s and human rights organizations and many public servants cries to heaven.

“Your nothingness in the face of the calls for the murder of me and my family and the threats of rape of my wife is nothing less than a scandalous warning of our blood. How would you react if these sexual threats were directed not against my wife Sarah Netanyahu but against your wife Ronit Mandelblit, or against the wife of someone close Between personal and public employees?

“After all, we have seen the lightning speed with which you handle any complaint of any alleged, even the slightest, injury to any of your associates or members of your office. There is no doubt that you would have acted immediately and by all means to bring to justice Immediately in the face of any such criminal act. ”

The speaker"S. Avichai Mandelblit Spokesman Avichai Mandelblit Photo: ynet

Netanyahu went on to demand that the ombudsman take steps to protect his wife, he said, from threats: “Every woman, whatever her status and role, deserves to be defended. She is entitled to the law enforcement agencies you head (especially after taking on the role of State Attorney in addition to the role of counsel

The legal) will prosecute those who engage in such abominable violence.

“Although you are expected to act without request from me, I demand that you immediately open a criminal investigation to prosecute those who committed these horrific acts, as well as open a criminal investigation of all those who call for my and my family’s murder, some even detailing how they will kill us.” .

Towards the end of the letter, Netanyahu wanted to emphasize that he “condemns violence and threats of violence on all sides.” He demanded that Mandelblit “act against them without discrimination, even when they are directed at me and my family. I want to hope that unlike all your previous answers, this time you will receive an appropriate response and no more twisting bureaucratic rejection letter screaming to one-sided heaven, inaction and selective non-enforcement.”

Mandelblit: “All law enforcement agencies are resolutely handling any complaint of incitement against you”

In response to Netanyahu’s letter, the ombudsman hastened to send Netanyahu a letter on his behalf in which he wrote, among other things:

“So with regard to the quote quoted in your letter from the abusive evening towards your wife, I would like to inform you that police treatment began several days ago, and this morning the suspect was even questioned with a warning.”

Mandelblit notes in his letter that “as I was informed by the Israel Police, in recent months 19 investigations have been opened related to threats made against you and your family members, including following complaints you filed with the police. These complaints were dealt with quickly and decisively.”

Mandelblit also notes that “recently, 20 incidents have come to our attention that have raised suspicions of incitement to violence against you or your family members … Out of these incidents, investigations have been opened in 10 cases, and one of them has already been indicted.”

“Therefore,” the ombudsman claims, according to the ombudsman, “there is no basis for your claim that Man-Dhao sticks his head in complaints in relation to you or in relation to any of your family members.”

Mandelblit notes that he recently contacted the head of the Shin Bet and the acting commissioner to make sure that the threats against the Netanyahu family are known and receive a security response, and “I am satisfied that this is the case.”

Mandelblit concludes his letter with an implicit criticism of Netanyahu: “I will not seek to add …. because it is appropriate for all parties involved … to moderate the quarrel and the discourse of hatred that will end … criminal law is not everything. Public leaders have A key role and responsibility in calming the winds, which does not find itself facing difficult and unforgivable results. ”


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