Netanyahu: The political demonstrations have angular phenomena – security news


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured the Home Front Command in the city of Ramla at noon (Thursday) and spoke about the efforts to cut off the contagion chains.

“The level of morbidity is high and we need to lower it, we will reach a situation where we can detect infections and prevent the continuation of the disease. This is the goal, there are excellent processes and people,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu referred to his son’s remarks about the presence of “aliens” in the leftist demonstrations against him. “Political demonstrations fueled by the left, there are also angular phenomena beyond the incessant incitement against me, my wife and family, even in direct calls for murder that are hardly reported if at all.”

Regarding the incident in the Golan Heights and the IDF attack in Syria, the prime minister said that “we hit the squad and the dispatchers, we will do everything to protect ourselves – I suggest Hezbollah take this into account.”

Netanyahu called on blue and white to agree to a biennial budget and promised “I have no intention of dismantling the government and I have no intention of going to the polls.” Need to transfer budget immediately. We will pass it on now and quickly. ”

Earlier today, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi decided to appoint Brigadier General Nissan Davidi as commander of the mission headquarters to cut off the chain of contagion. Davidi was due to be released these days after three years as head of the logistics division in the technology and logistics division, but he postponed the date of his release due to his appointment to the position.


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