Netanyahu: Only if Ganz stops confronting us will he be prime minister


The prime minister has accused the blue-and-white chairman of delaying the budget and serving as the head of a faction that is “a government within a government.” He said Gantz would serve as prime minister only if the coalition clashes ceased. I’m trying to prevent it “

In the video: Ganz: “The postponement of the budget must be approved within a day”; Netanyahu: “There is a budget ready now” (Knesset Channel)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today (Monday) that only if blue-and-white chairman Bnei Gantz stops confronting the Likud will he serve as prime minister. “A government against the government, which confronts us in everything and withholds the budget.” Netanyahu added that “if Gantz stops doing that – then he will be the prime minister. If not, it will fall apart automatically. I’m trying to prevent it at the moment. ”

In an interview, Netanyahu also referred to the crisis surrounding the budget. “There is no need for elections, there is a budget ready right now. It can be passed in two days in the government and then resources can be channeled to Israeli citizens,” he said. “It is impossible to predict more than a month or two ahead right now. We will go on a budget for five to six months ahead.”

“Ganz serves as the head of a faction that is a government within a government.” Netanyahu (Photo: Adina Wallman)

The Prime Minister went on to attack the blue and white position on the issue. “To think we can go on a budget of a year or a year and a half ahead is just irresponsibility,” he said. “I have transferred 15 budgets in my life, perhaps more than any other democratic leader and that is the right thing to do. It is not transferred only for political reasons of blue and white and their leader. The budget must be transferred now, because that is what is right for the State of Israel.”

Netanyahu’s remarks come amid clashes between him and Gantz earlier today, over MK Zvi Hauser’s (Derech Eretz) bill to postpone the approval of the state budget in order to resolve the coalition crisis. , But the prime minister refused to commit to a postponement and replied that there was a budget ready.

“If he stops confronting the Likud, he will be prime minister.” Ganz (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Ministry of Defense)

“Those who love the State of Israel – do not take it to the polls at this time,” Ganz said at a meeting of the Blue and White faction. He stressed the schedules regarding the transfer of a government decision as early as tonight, and within a hundred days to approve the state budget. “Remove the election threat from the public agenda, and we will allow the public instead of panic – certainty,” he said. “Within a day we will be able to complete the process. The government will approve it tonight, the Knesset of Israel will pass it within 24 hours, and so without tricks and sticks – the proposal will be approved on second and third reading.”

Netanyahu, for his part, said that “we do not need 24 hours, we do not need 24 minutes, we have a budget prepared, adapted to Corona, exactly what the citizens of Israel need.” On the blue-and-white sources’ statements regarding support for the Yesh Atid bill, he claimed that “I am not impressed by any of the North Korean laws designed to overrule the voter decision.”

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Ganz: “Budget postponement should be approved within a day”; Netanyahu: “There is a budget ready now”

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So far, Netanyahu has said he will agree to promote the budget deferral law only in its early stages, and at most until the first reading. In blue and white, there was concern that Netanyahu was not really interested in preventing elections, but wanted to prevent them from voting in favor of the Yesh Atid law on Wednesday, which would disqualify a criminal defendant from forming a government. Gantz therefore asks Netanyahu to advance the election postponement law within a day only. In blue and white they made it clear that they intend to decide only later this week whether to support Yesh Atid’s bill.


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