Netanyahu on the demonstrations: an attempt to trample on democracy


At the beginning of the cabinet meeting, the prime minister sharply criticized the widespread protests against him, saying that he condemned the violence. He called the attack on the demonstrator in Tel Aviv: “A brawl between fans of two football teams.”

In the video: 12 detainees in demonstrations against the Prime Minister of Jerusalem (Photo: Reuters and Israel Police Spokeswoman, edited by Nir Chen)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today (Sunday) at the beginning of the cabinet meeting that the demonstrations against him and against government corruption are “an attempt to trample on democracy.” Netanyahu condemned the violence, making it clear that “it has no place on either side, and we have zero patience for any revelation or threat of violence against any person.”

“But here in the name of democracy, I see an attempt to trample on democracy,” he stressed. “In these demonstrations there is a distortion of all the rules. It is a corona incubator. No one has tried to limit it, on the contrary – the demonstrations are fueled by a media mobilization that has not revived like it. Allows to block roads in stark contrast to everything that was in the past.”


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