Netanyahu on the Balfour demonstrations: “Corona hatcheries”


Knitted News02.08.20 12:23 Twelfth of Av

Photo: GPO

At the beginning of the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to the demonstrations against him and called them “corona incubators” fueled by the media.

Netanyahu opened with general remarks about the corona crisis and the appointment of Projector Roni Gamzo: “Three weeks ago, I recommended here in the government, to take the 1.9 date as a point in time to flatten the curve and our ability to start a new school year.

This week, following instructions from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, in coordination with Prof. Gamzo and the Chief of Staff, we launched the establishment of the Corona Headquarters to help cut off the contagion chain. We will promote its readiness and commencement of work this week. Time to waste. Only in this way will we avoid closure and the burden on the public. “

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Photo: Spokeswoman for the Prime Minister

An attempt to trample on democracy in the name of democracy

After the words of the replacement Prime Minister Bnei Gantz, who condemned the violence in demonstrations against Netanyahu across the country, he said: “Democracy. I discussed the issue last week with Minister Amir Ohana.”

Following the allegations, Netanyahu almost went mad and began to attack the lawlessness of the demonstrations: “We are against any kind of violence from any side. We have zero tolerance for the manifestation of violence or the threat of violence on the part of anyone. I see here an attempt to trample on democracy in the name of democracy. “There is a distortion of all the rules here. It is a corona incubator. The corona is being refueled with media mobilization.”

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