Netanyahu-Ganz government on the verge of explosion: There is no agenda for the cabinet meeting


On the verge of explosion: In a fairly precedent-setting move, up to this time at this time of week (Friday) – no timetable has been set for the next cabinet meeting on Sunday and there is no agenda for the meeting. The reason: a mutual veto imposed by the two parties

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Blue and White demanded an amendment to the bylaws that would allow her an equal number of fingers in each vote. The Likud refused, despite the coalition agreement, apparently to prepare the ground for the transfer of the budget.

As a result, no item was placed on the agenda, in the midst of the days of the Corona and the acute economic crisis that required immediate solutions and activity by government ministers. This is the sharpest expression so far of the crisis in the coalition, just 18 days before a possible dispersal of the Knesset.

With or without regard to the upcoming elections, it was announced tonight that Strategic Adviser Moshe Klughaft began advising Prime Minister Netanyahu in parallel with his work abroad, in addition to his political team – Ofer Golan, Topaz Locke, Aaron Klein and Yonatan Orich.

The ultra-Orthodox turned to Netanyahu and Gantz: “Elections at this time – complete madness”

Against the background of the lack of agreement in the government on the issue of the budget, and the imminent danger that the dispute will lead to elections, last night the heads of the ultra-Orthodox factions in the Knesset – Moshe Gafni, Yaakov Litzman and Aryeh Deri – addressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu The election – the transfer of the state budget is the order of the day. ”

“Israeli citizens are currently facing difficult, health and economic problems,” the heads of the ultra-Orthodox factions added. “The very thought of going to the polls at this time is utter madness. It is time to turn to everything else, to get an urgent approval of the state budget, so that we can focus on the challenges of the economy and the health system, in the face of the corona crisis. An initiative to bring forward the elections and we will do everything we can to prevent elections. ”

In their appeal to Netanyahu and Ganz, they also called for “showing national responsibility, coming together to reach an agreed solution and preventing going to unnecessary elections,” and clarified: “Although the ultra-Orthodox parties have nothing to fear from elections, the good of Israeli citizens is before our eyes.”

But this statement by the ultra-Orthodox is puzzling, since they do not really need to “cooperate” with any initiative to advance the election. Without agreements on the transfer of the state budget until the final date set by the law, August 24 at midnight, the Knesset will be automatically dispersed and Israel will go to the polls again.

Will the sharp disputes lead to the dissolution of the government? | Photo: Mark Israel Salem, Flash 90

The controversy over the budget revolves around Netanyahu’s demand to pass an annual budget, contrary to the coalition agreement between the Likud and Blue and White, claiming that a biennial budget will lead to painful cuts and is not economically correct in the current circumstances. Ganz, on the other hand, insists on keeping the agreement and transferring the budget in accordance with what is stipulated in the agreement.

In response to a call from the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox parties, in blue and white they said: “Israeli citizens will not forgive those who drag the country to elections in a medical and economic emergency. Deri, Litzman and Gafni are right – must pass a budget as all Israeli economists recommend and strengthen Israeli citizens, economy and society.”


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