Netanyahu: “Every effort should be made to avoid elections”


The prime minister referred to the political crisis and said he would support MK Zvi Hauser’s bill to postpone the budget transfer deadline. In Netanyahu’s genuine desire to prevent elections or in an exercise designed to pull time?


PhotoTo the people, Kobi Gideon

An initiative that will prevent elections or an exercise? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning (Monday) referred to MK Zvi Hauser’s initiative to postpone the deadline for the transfer of the budget, and said that he supports it. That this is an exercise.

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“Apart from security, I am constantly concerned with maintaining health, life, and opening up the economy and motivating it, but for this purpose we need to stabilize the government that can act effectively,” Netanyahu said at a local leadership conference in the Corona crisis.

“When MK Zvi Hauser approached me yesterday, he said, ‘Let’s give another opportunity to try to stabilize the political system so that there will be a government that can continue to fight the Corona,’ I said I was ready.”

At the end of his speech, Netanyahu stressed: “We must make every effort to avoid elections, stabilize the government and fight Corona.”

Knesset Speaker Levin: “The crisis is not behind us, there are more disputes to be resolved”

The Speaker of the Knesset and Netanyahu’s associate, MK Yariv Levin, this morning expressed doubts about the postponement of the election: “The state needs a stable government. All parties need a lot of flexibility to make it work. It is possible even if it is not easy but it requires good will. Both sides know that an agreement must be reached and things implemented. Netanyahu explicitly said that a supreme effort must be made to avoid elections. “I hope so – but it’s an understanding that by way of mutual paralysis and disagreements we will not go far.”

Levin rejected the claim that Netanyahu was seeking elections. “The prime minister said he was interested in forming this government, “he said.” The gap between rumors and allegations is huge. He has a genuine desire to carry out the entire agreement on all its components. As someone who was a partner in drafting the agreement, things the way they are done so far can not continue – this is not a way to run a country. I hope that the Derech Eretz faction’s initiative to postpone the elections and the response of the prime minister will lead us to embark on a new path. ”

Benjamin Netanyahu Yariv Levin
Netanyahu and Yariv Levin. The Knesset will not be dispersed? | Photo: Jonathan Zindel Flash 90

In contrast to Levin, Minister of Finance Israel Katz, said in an interview here on Net B that he is sure that the law will pass: “I suppose if the law goes through it will be realized and passed on third reading“,” He said.

The Minister of Finance, like the Speaker of the Knesset, also denied that Netanyahu is seeking elections and wants to violate the rotation. ““Netanyahu is not looking for an escape route,” he stressed. If people want to campaign, we do not want to be in the campaign. Right now I want sharing, unity and caring for the public. “Once the initiative has been accepted and the sword of elections is removed, we can move forward.”


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