Netanyahu: “Demonstrations in Balfour trample on democracy”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the demonstrations near his residence this morning (Sunday) during a cabinet meeting. “An attempt to trample on democracy,” he said, “no one is limiting it – it’s corona hatcheries.” Netanyahu continued: “It is possible to paralyze neighborhoods and block roads in stark contrast to everything that was accepted in the past.” The replacement prime minister replied to Netanyahu: “Protest is the lifeblood of democracy – we must allow the demonstrations to take place.” During the night, 12 protesters were arrested after about 15,000 people demonstrated in Balfour.

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Deputy Prime Minister Gantz clarified after Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks: “As a government we are committed to being attentive to the people. As a government, we have a responsibility to allow the demonstrations to take place and to protect the demonstrators who, unfortunately, were attacked in several centers yesterday as well. “The right to protest is the lifeblood of democracy and violence is eroding the foundation of democracy.”

Netanyahu and Gantz | Photo: Mark Israel Salem, Flash 90

Prime Minister Netanyahu, for his part, condemned The violence that has taken place during the recent demonstrations. “I condemn any violence,” he declared, “it has no place on either side, and we have zero tolerance for any manifestation of violence or any threat of violence. From any side towards any person.” In the same breath, Netanyahu said: “But here in the name of democracy, I see an attempt to trample on democracy. In these demonstrations there is a distortion of all the rules. First of all – no one restricts the demonstrations, on the contrary – we go towards them. “.

Demonstrations in Balfour
Demonstrations in Balfour | Photo: Oliver Fitoussi, Flash 90

“No one is limiting it,” the prime minister continued, “and no one has tried to limit it either. I say the opposite: these demonstrations are fueled, especially by media mobilization that I do not remember like it. It is encouraged, it is possible to paralyze neighborhoods and block roads in stark contrast to everything that was acceptable in the past. “

PM Netanyahu: “Wild and Unstoppable Incitement”

“I condemn the unilateralism of most of the media,” Netanyahu attacked. “They do not report the demonstrations, they participate in them. They refuel. It is not just mobilized media, it is mobilized media. They refuel demonstrations that are violent demonstrations that no one says about is nothing”.

Netanyahu against the demonstrations
Netanyahu against the demonstrations | Photo: Yonatan Zindel and Mark Israel Salem, Flash 90, POOL

“When protesters come with torches and threaten to throw Molotov cocktails at the prime minister’s residence – here too your servant is guilty. They say: ‘If he was not in Balfour we would not have had to demonstrate.’ “The media is ignoring, whitewashing, and politicians are silent.”

Netanyahu quoted journalist Kalman Liebskind as saying that the protesters receive broad embrace and support from journalists and headlines on an almost daily basis. “It is not too late to recover, “the Prime Minister read,” the media has a responsibility, the elected representatives have a responsibility, I expect everyone to condemn the violence and incitement from all sides. The writing on the wall on Facebook, the writing on the wall in demonstrations. No one can say: “.

Demonstrations in Balfour
Demonstrations in Balfour | Photo: Oliver Fitoussi, Flash 90

Thousands demonstrated again last night against the government and its leader in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Caesarea and a number of other centers around the country. The main protest center was in front of the prime minister’s residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem, where 15,000 people demonstrated who also marched on the streets in the area. Additional demonstrations took place in the Charles Clore Park in Tel Aviv and in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s private residence in Caesarea. Tens of thousands protested at about 270 intersections and bridges across the country for the sixth week in a row, as part of the “black flags” protest. The demonstration in Jerusalem was finally dispersed without the use of cavalry or machetes – 12 demonstrators were arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct.


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