Netanyahu confronts Ganz: “The demonstrations incubate Corona, the media fuels them”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Sunday) addressed the protest demonstrations and sharply attacked the protest organizers and the media. “I condemn any violence from any side, or any threat from any side, but there is here in the name of democracy, there is an attempt to trample democracy, no one restricts the demonstrations. On the contrary, there are corona hatcheries. No one restricts the demonstrations and no “I said, ‘I say the opposite, refueling these demonstrations, making it possible to block roads, in stark contrast to what happened in the past,” Netanyahu said at a cabinet meeting.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister quoted former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak as saying: “He strongly opposed the blocking of roads: and so he wrote, ‘Freedom of demonstration does not protect the freedom to stop the country.’ Protesters of the left all gone. This is not mobilized communication but mobilizing communication. I did not hear a single condemnation of the lynching of a police officer. ”

“I condemn the one-sidedness of most of the media,” the prime minister continued in his attack. “They do not report the demonstrations, they participate in them. They refuel. It is not just mobilized media, it is mobilizing media. They refuel demonstrations that are violent demonstrations that no one says anything about.”

“I have not heard a single condemnation in the media for severe violence directed at a policeman in left-wing demonstrations in Jerusalem. He said he was lynched by the demonstrators. He needed surgery. Not only did the media not condemn it, it says the policeman is guilty! “Because I’m supposedly sending the cops – which was not and was not created. When fans from two football teams get into a fight in Tel Aviv, the media accuses them of being right-wing activists who used violence against left-wing protesters. Again, here too, your servant is guilty – because I supposedly sent these fans “.

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“When protesters come with torches and threaten to throw Molotov cocktails at the prime minister’s residence – here too your servant is guilty. They say: ‘If he was not in Balfour we would not have had to demonstrate.’ “The media is ignoring, whitewashing, and politicians are silent.”

“I appreciated the fact that the president spoke on this issue yesterday, and I want to imagine what would have happened if the assassination of the president and his family had been called for every day. What outcry would have arisen and what awakening would have arisen. “Never before has such mobilization been so distorted. I wanted to say Soviet, but that is already in North Korean terms, of the media in favor of the demonstrations.”

Netanyahu also began quoting Maariv journalist Kalman Liebskind, who came out against the media coverage of the demonstrations in his latest column in Maariv Weekend: “How did Kalman Liebskind write last weekend? ‘I have a hard time remembering a similar case in which so few protesters received a hug and press coverage. So wide. Headlines on an almost daily basis. Close monitoring. Endless broadcasts, right from the first moment. News sites and editions have become a protest bulletin board. Reporters and commentators have volunteered to function as its PR people. Their enthusiasm cannot be missed. It is impossible. “Miss their identification with everyone they interview. Once they are in the reporting role, once in the demonstrator role. If you do not follow them closely, you will not notice which of the hats they are wearing at any given moment.”

“We are in a time when all the media are busy with a visible and noticeable effort to increase the flames. They have an undisguised interest in heating up the atmosphere, and not letting this protest fade. This chaos serves them. They are mobilized to overthrow Netanyahu, no matter how.” They have no interest in the facts. They have no interest in fair coverage. They have no interest in the press. Know what? I will raise courage and say that a significant portion of them also have an interest in having violence here. This violence will ensure the continuation of the mess and the fire continues. This violence serves the narrative. Promotes the achievement of the goal ”.

Gentlemen, this is not a delusional journalist, this is not a marginal journalist, this is a central and respected journalist who reveals the truth that you are all aware of. It is not too late to recover. The media has a responsibility, elected officials have a responsibility. “On the wall on Facebook, the writing on the wall in demonstrations. No one will be able to say: I did not know.”

The Prime Minister’s harsh words came after Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bnei Gantz referred to the demonstrations: “I ask all of us not to exaggerate, not to attack certain protest leaders. Leadership is first and foremost a personal example and what we convey to the public. Yesterday there were protests across the country. “Attention to the public. As a government, we have a responsibility to allow the demonstrations and protect the demonstrators, who unfortunately were attacked yesterday in a number of areas. The right to demonstrate is the lifeblood of democracy, and violence is eroding the foundation of democracy.”

Bnei Gantz at a cabinet meeting. Photo: Tal Oz – Ministry of Defense


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