Netanyahu: “A historic moment of a breakthrough for peace in the Middle East”


Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to sign a full normalization agreement, if you will, a peace agreement, in exchange for a suspension of the application of Israeli law in the territories. The breakthrough was announced by US President Donald Trump on Twitter and in a press release. According to the announcement today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the heir to the throne of the United Arab Emirates, Muhammad bin Zayed, one of the most powerful and wealthy people in the Arab world, spoke. The normalization will include the application of full diplomatic relations and the establishment of embassies, in addition to cooperation agreements in various fields, including the security field, where there is already real cooperation according to foreign publications.

“A new era has opened in our relations with the Arab world,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said after the signing of the historic agreement. “In a tripartite conversation with Trump and Abu Said, we decided on the signing of a full peace agreement between the countries. Exchange of embassies, trade relations, tourism, aviation and including direct flights between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi.

“The United Arab Emirates will invest in Israel a real investment in the development of a vaccine for the corona virus, as well as investment in water projects, environmental protection and more. Israel is a leading innovation country, where knowledge and entrepreneurship are cultivated. We have become a flourishing country, spectacular artificial islands, luxury hotels and development technological.

“Working together can bring a wonderful future to our countries, our people and the entire region. The conversation was unparalleled. This is a historic moment of breakthrough for peace in the Middle East. In 1979 Begin signed a peace agreement with Egypt. In 1994 Rabin with Jordan, and now after. For years I have been working for this and dreaming about it – I will sign a third peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates.

“I called on the talented entrepreneurs of the Arab world to cooperate as fish to create opportunities for the region – I have invested efforts in cultivating ties with the Arab countries in the region. Oman, UAE Sudan and other countries for which silence is still beautiful. The agreement shows Israel’s dramatic change and its status in the Middle East. Israel is no longer perceived as an island of instability, but on the contrary – a strategic alliance for security, progress and peace. There will be more countries joining peace agreements. To one front against the countries that threaten us. Peace is our desire, a peace that keeps the war away and is based on fruitful economic cooperation, real peace and not a slogan. Peace for peace.

“This is also a breakthrough. It is the only peace that is sustainable. We are a peace-loving people who pray for peace. I wholeheartedly thank President Trump, Israel’s greatest friend of all time, and say to the residents of the UAE and Sheikh Ben-Ziad – Salam Aleichem and peace be upon us.”

In response to questions addressed to him, the prime minister said that “there is no change in the plan to apply sovereignty. In full coordination with the US, I am committed to this and it has not changed. This issue remains on the table. He came to the table thanks to my efforts. I am committed to sovereignty for the Land of Israel and I will never give up our right. Trump asked Israel to wait temporarily, but I did not remove the issue of sovereignty from the chapter. As I brought peace, I will also bring sovereignty. ”

Asked why Gantz and Ashkenazi were not in the know, Netanyahu replied that “there was a request from all parties not to share with others in the course and therefore there was an agreement that we would keep everything secret until the final conclusion. The prime ministers did so.

“We have arranged for joint delegations to meet soon. Of course all relevant government ministries will share in this effort. There is a request here for a temporary wait for the application of sovereignty, it’s all according to the White House’s explicit request. There is some positive progress in talks with Blue and White. .

He added that “the left has always said that it is impossible to move forward without handing over territories – and here we have done it. There is definitely a chance that more Arab countries will join the peace circle. I worked hard for years to abolish the narrative of handing over territories He would give up the opportunity for such a peace agreement – and I did not give up sovereignty for him. Until I got involved, all the peace agreements were clear: Israel was handing over territories and dismantling settlements for peace. It was over, I changed it. Someone dreamed we would bring a peace agreement with an Arab state .

Sees Israel as an ally against Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood

Muhammad bin Zayed sees Israel as an ally against Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood – according to various publications, including a major article by the New York Times a year ago. According to the report, Israel upgraded F-16 fighter jets of the Emirates Air Force and sold Abu Dhabi advanced cellular spyware.

The article said that Ben Zaid, whose English acronym is MBZ, has a sympathetic ear in the Donald Trump administration, and that his proposals regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are at the heart of the peace plan formulated by his friend Jared Kushner, son-in-law and adviser to the President.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a telephone conversation in his office with US President Donald Trump and the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed. / Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO

He managed to hold a secret meeting with him after Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, and his attempt to mediate between Moscow and Washington involved him in the Russian involvement investigation conducted by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Trump said in Washington that the agreement would have continuity with other countries in the region.

Jared Kushner and Avi Berkovich, the president’s adviser on Middle East affairs, are also involved in the contacts.

A senior political source says that sovereignty has not fallen off the line – it has only been rejected and that the Israeli government and the US administration are committed to it. He said the Trump administration had sought to temporarily suspend the declaration in order to first implement the historic peace agreement with the Emirates.

A senior Likud official says that the left has always said that it is impossible to bring peace with Arab countries without peace with the Palestinians. That there is no other way but to defect 67, evacuate the settlements, divide Jerusalem, and establish a Palestinian state. For the first time in history, Prime Minister Netanyahu broke the paradigm of “territories for peace” and brought “peace for peace.”

Trump’s statement said the peace agreement as he defined it was a huge breakthrough towards comprehensive peace in the Middle East while breaking the political stalemate in the region. Diplomatic missions from the two countries will meet soon and sign a series of agreements including the establishment of embassies, security cooperation, technology, tourism, health (Corona) and more including agreements for direct flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai. This will lead to the advancement of the peace plan, and more and more Arab countries will join.

Trump’s senior adviser, Jared Kushner, at the press conference: “I thank the president. The president encourages us to take an innovative approach, he uses common sense and tries to unite people by turning to the common denominator. He achieved things that others could not achieve. It brings hope that past problems do not condemn you to conflict. It will now be possible to take a flight from Dubai to Tel Aviv – an amazing step for world peace, “the United States, Israel and Abu Dhabi”.

US President Trump at the press conference signing the agreement will be in the White House in the coming weeks. He said there were more steps to be unveiled soon, and expressed hope that the Palestinians would be involved.

Muhammad bin Zayed, the heir to the throne of Abu Dhabi, and the powerful man in the emirate: “In a conversation with Trump and Netanyahu, a roadmap of cooperation was agreed upon to normalize relations between the emirates and Israel against halting the annexation plan.”

UAE Foreign Minister Anwar Garagash: “A historic conversation between Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed this evening with the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Israel. Freezing the decision to annex the Palestinian territories is a great gain and achievement for the benefit of the region, its people, and the world. The Emirates, with a courageous initiative, will immediately implement its decision in its relations with Israel in order to maintain a two-state solution. She calls for the resumption of talks between the Palestinians and Israelis and is committed to working with friends to ensure security and stability in the region. The area has experienced policy initiatives and many stops from Camp David to Madrid, through Oslo, Wei River, to Annapolis and more. Today we aspire that the freezing of Israel’s annexation of Palestinian land will be a new opportunity to revive the peace process. ”

According to a report on the network to Arabia, the official opening of an embassy in Israel will not take place at this stage until after real progress, the resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Among the reactions in the Arab world are many congratulations: for example Ali Said al-Kaabi – a very popular football commentator on Twitter, who wrote that “this is a historic agreement and a diplomatic achievement of the UAE”.

Tonight, Minister of Diaspora MK Omar Yankelevich spoke with the President of the Jewish Community in the United Arab Emirates, Solly Wolf, and agreed on the establishment of direct contact and cooperation to strengthen educational heritage and Jewish identity activities with members of the community there.

She wrote on Facebook: “A few months ago I watched an exciting article about the Jewish community in the UAE, the Jewish school and the synagogue that is under construction there, and I was thinking about how to connect the school and the community there to the Jewish education and identity activities of the Ministry of Diaspora.

“The political agreement not only improves Israel’s status, but also the situation of the Jewish community there, and our ability in the Ministry of Diaspora to share it in our world activity map. I congratulate all partners, overt and covert in reaching an agreement.

“He that maketh peace in his high places shall make peace with us and upon all Israel, and they shall say, Amen.”

A spokesman for Abu Mazen said in an official statement on the agreement: “The Palestinian leadership sees this move as a sabotage of the Arab initiative for peace, and aggression against the Palestinian people. It is a betrayal of Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa and the Palestinian issue, Shameful.

“The Palestinian leadership warns the Arab leaderships of surrendering to American pressure, and stepping in the path of the United Arab Emirates and free normalization with the state of Israeli occupation at the expense of the Palestinian issue.”

The Palestinian Authority returns the ambassador to Abu Dhabi, while Egyptian President al-Sisi called Abu Zaid to congratulate him on the agreement.


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