Negative lock in Tel Aviv; Fattal jumped 14.7%, Ratio rose 8.5%


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Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange closed in a negative trend, although it was stable most of the day. Tel Aviv-35 and Tel Aviv-125 lost about 0.1%. Tel Aviv-Bank fell 0.7%. TA-90 rose 0.1%.

Fatal Jumped by 14.7% andRatio Increased by 8.5%. In the variety andHadera paper Add 6%. Melisron Added 4%. Horizon Lost 4.3%, I will die Decreased by 2.4%.

The trade turnover amounted to NIS 1.23 billion.


Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is currently stable. Tel Aviv-35 and Tel Aviv-125 are up 0.2% and Tel Aviv-90 is up 0.4%. Tel Aviv oil and gas jump by 2.85%.

Melisron , Energian andElectra Prominent ascents in Tel Aviv-35. Prominent descents Horizon , Mitronics andMatrix .


Company Kamhada , Which specializes in plasma-based products, today announced the recruitment of the first patient in Israel for a Phase 1/2 study of the plasma-based antibody (IgG) product it developed as a therapeutic option for corona disease.

Also the biotechnology company Floristem Updated today that the German Ministry of Health has approved the trial protocol presented by the Phase II research company to examine the efficacy and safety of PLX cells in the treatment of coronary heart disease patients with a complication of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). About 40 patients are expected to take part in the study, which is in a randomized, controlled, multicenter assignment and in parallel groups.


Stock market stability. The trading turnover amounts to NIS 485 million. In the currency market, the dollar weakened by about 0.2% and traded around NIS 3.40 and the euro lost its value by about 0.8% and traded around NIS 4 per euro.

The share of Fattal Holdings stands out even today with a sharp rise and completes a jump of 44% in five trading days.


Tendency to rise in the stock market. The trading turnover amounts to NIS 218 million. Significant increases record stocks Johnoff , Zen, Edgar and Delek Drilling.

On the other hand, significant declines are recorded in equities Arrows And I will die, having recently reported today a sharp drop in second quarter earnings for the year.

Group Electra Updated today that it won a tender from the Jerusalem Development Company to carry out infrastructure work at the French Hill junction in Jerusalem, for about NIS 470 million.

Harel Finance economists note in their weekly review that “the last few months have taught us that despite the great economic dramas, no matter what geography we invested in, but what sectors we were exposed to. Distance learning, e-commerce, cyber, etc. The analysis of the results of the financial reporting season shows that it is not right to look only at the field of technology but also at other sectors that benefit from the situation, such as medical equipment companies – one of the most prominent sectors It has risen more in recent weeks than most sub-sectors in the field of technology. ”


The trading day on the stock exchange opened with slight increases in the stock indices. Ratio Records a sharp rise after the partnership updated this morning that it has completed refinancing of its bank debt. This, through a new 7-year dollar loan in the amount (framework) of about $ 650 million at LIBOR + 3.5% interest (similar to the interest rate on Ratio’s current loan).

Sharp gains also stand out Fattal Holdings , Ogwind and Fuel Group.


The trading day on the stock exchange is expected to open, apparently, in a mixed trend. This is another case, as yesterday trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange closed in a mixed trend, with the TA-35 index losing 0.2%, the TA-125 closing unchanged and the TA-90 adding 0.5%.

1. World Trade Day opened with a mixed trend on Asian stock markets, with the rise in trading continuing to be influenced by tensions between the US and China. Trade in contracts on US stock market indices recorded slight gains.

Alex Zabrzynski, Meitav Dash’s chief economist, notes in his weekly review that “everything costs” is the definition of a situation in the markets, with all channels – stocks, real and nominal government bonds, commodities and corporate bonds recording price increases. No economic or political knowledge manages to hit the markets beyond a day or two. “It is not certain that we should look for some hidden wisdom when the market behaves in this way. The stock market trades at very high profit multipliers. Even when taking profit forecasts for two or three years ahead, the S&P 500’s multipliers have been at the highest level since the early 2000s.”

“We anticipate that the changes in sectoral leadership reflect market preparedness for the approval and distribution of the vaccine to Corona in the coming months. More, “Zabrzynski writes.

2. The political crisis over the budget will probably be postponed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a proposal by the Derech Eretz faction of MKs Zvi Hauser and Yoaz Handel to advance the law to postpone the state budget, until the second and third readings. This step will allow the Likud and Blue and White to take advantage of the time, while advancing the law, to reach a comprehensive resolution of all disputes between them to ensure the day-to-day functioning of the government and prevent elections.

Yesterday, the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Prof. Amir Yaron, called on the government to recover and transfer a state budget. With special reference to recent developments published by the Bank of Israel, the Governor says that “the Israeli economy is currently facing considerable difficulties due to dealing with the coronavirus and its economic consequences. “These are of great importance for stability in the government’s conduct and for the orderly decision-making process, which will reduce the uncertainty facing households, businesses and bodies that deal directly with the crisis.” The governor adds that “the government must move forward as quickly as possible in setting a clear outline for the state budget and other economic decisions required at this time.”

3. Local Reporting Season: Membership reports will be published today I will die andMatrix , And are expected to publish tomorrow APP And Melisron. Amot announced yesterday that Shimon Aboudrahm has been appointed CEO of the company and he will take up his position on September 1. This is after Avi Musler, the company’s CEO for the past 15 years, asked about a month ago to end his position and turn to private business.

Network Johnoff Continues to expand. The chain, which is controlled by Eitan Yohananoff, acquires five branches from the Bitan-Mega Wines Group for NIS 67.5 million. This, months after an explosion of a deal between the two for the sale of two other branches.

4. The global macro arena is sparse today. In Europe, an investor confidence index will be published at 11:30, which is expected to reach a level of 16 points.

5. In the global commodity arena, gold opened the week with a rise of about 0.5% to $ 2,040 an ounce (December contract). This, after in the middle of last week the gold climbed to a high of $ 2,083 an ounce and then weakened against the background of profit realizations. Silver metal jumps 2.2% to $ 28.13 an ounce. Brent crude is up 1.1% at $ 44.9 a barrel.


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