NEC not very convincing by third divisionist UNA


NEC again made little impression in the preparation on Tuesday. The team of trainer Rogier Meijer did not score with the intended starting eleven, while the reserves made up for a deficit: 1-3.

Compared to the previous match against SC NEC (2-2), Meijer again had access to Kevin Bukusu, Bart van Rooij and Jordy Bruijn. They started immediately, but it did not help NEC. The people of Nijmegen put a terrible first half on the mat in which UNA even got the best chances. Mattijs Branderhorst had to come into action three times, and once the bar helped a hand.

NEC got some chances through Bruijn, Souffian El Karouani and Elayis Tavsan, but again the attacking impotence was noticed by Meijer’s team. UNA was meanwhile doing quite a bit, which led to a brief disturbance after half an hour after Bruijn was kicked out. The midfielder was not pleased with that and after some pushing and pulling the game continued. Shortly afterwards, captain Rens van Eijden let himself go and brought down an attacker from UNA. He got a yellow card for that.

With ten changes at half-time and the intended B-team on the field in the second half, things didn’t seem to get any better at NEC and that turned out to be the case. UNA opened the score after just eight minutes. Brian Boogers tapped in from a cross from the right, putting NEC behind for the first time in preparation. It then took a long time before there was another chance to score, but fifteen minutes before the end, it was Lars Rebergen who took care of the equalizer: 1-1. A few minutes later, after Etien Velikonja had shot wide, Syb van Ottele gave NEC the victory with a shot from a distance.

Due to a misunderstanding between Branderhorst and Rebergen it was almost 2-2, but just on the other side was another goal when the ball hit the spot. Velikonja hit from eleven meters and set the final score at 1-3. NEC will be back in action on Saturday. Then the people of Nijmegen travel to Germany for a duel with SV Straelen.

Contest course

53′ 1-0: Boogers.

75 ‘1-1: Rebergen.

82 ‘1-2: Van Ottele.

90’ 1-3: Velikonja.

Line-up NEC first half: Branderhorst; Van Rooij, Van Eijden, Bukusu, El Karouani; Proper, Beekman, Bruijn; Tavsan, Romeny, Okita.

Line-up NEC second half: Branderhorst; Lartey Sanniez, Odenthal, Rebergen, Veenendaal; Control, Van Ottele, Ruizendaal; Fase, Velikonja, Van der Sluijs.

Photo: Rob Koppers


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