Near an ultra-Orthodox settlement: Palestinians build a school


a a A While the corona crisis is in full swing and the outline for opening the school year is still unclear, the Palestinian Authority is preparing to establish a new and illegal school in eastern Gush Etzion, with the intention of staffing it within a few weeks.

The school, which was built with the help of financial support from the European Union, is located near the settlements of Ivi Hanahal and Ma’ale Amos in eastern Gush Etzion. Following the request of residents in the area, the Regavim movement revealed that the work is being carried out in double shifts employing dozens of workers, with the intention of manning the building within a few weeks, with the start of the Palestinian Authority school year on September 6.

In the nearby village there are more land reserves within an existing construction plan that have not been realized and therefore it is clear that this is a deliberate development in a new area.

The establishment of schools in the outposts of the Palestinian Authority is a strategic tool in the hands of the Authority for the Establishment of Outposts in Area C, and in the many cases in which work was not halted before the buildings were occupied, the State of Israel faces a fait accompli.

From the moment the building is occupied, a legal “war of attrition” begins, which lasts for many years, during which the place becomes a permanent compound that the law enforcement authorities refrain from enforcing the law against.

On Friday, Adv. Boaz Arazi of the Regavim movement sent another warning letter to Defense Minister Bnei Gantz, to the Commander-in-Chief of the Central Command, to the Civil Administration and to the Israel Police, demanding that construction be stopped immediately in its early stages.

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“The schools being built in the PA outposts are causing a fundamental change in the space in which they are located,” explains Adv. Arazi. “The most well-known occurrence of this strategy happened in Khan al-Ahmar, where the state repeatedly rejected enforcement” until the end of the school year. ” “This also stands, despite the High Court ruling. It also happened at the school established within the Nahal Makoch Nature Reserve north of Jerusalem, at the school established overnight near Herodium, and in many other outposts.”

The head of the Gush Etzion Council, Shlomo Ne’eman, emphasizes that “there is an accelerated process of transferring the Arab population from Areas A and B to Areas C, which in practice will prevent the application of Israeli sovereignty in the future and prevent continuation of Jewish settlement. The structure will stand there, it will be much more difficult. “

“We expect all parties to take seriously the definition of ‘campaign on Area C’. This campaign was determined by a political echelon – an elected government and is not a recommendation but an order to carry it out,” Ne’eman added.

The second warning letter sent on behalf of Regavim emphasized that if the referral is not answered by the beginning of the week, a petition will be submitted to the court without further notice.


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