NBA: Yannis Antocompo stays against Boston because of the referees?


Milwaukee and Boston met tonight in the NBA bubble in Orlando, and the team with the best balance in the league from before the Corona break, came out with its hand on top at the end of a dramatic game, behind another show by incumbent MVP Yannis Antocompo, who scored 36 points, added 15 rebounds and 7 ace’.

Boston Warriors Guard, Marcus Smart, Was aggressive after the game claiming the referees canceled whistles and used excuses to keep the MVP on the field in the closing minutes, in a game in which the Celtics lost 119: 112 to the Bucks.

“I wish we had a better excuse.” Smart said of a move that happened 1:28 minutes to the end of the game in the fourth quarter, when Yannis penetrated the basket, knocked down Daniel Ties and got a foul, but after consulting the referees, the decision was changed to a foul on Smart, at a critical time the Celtics were able to equalize.

Marcus Smart with Daniel Pilot, Yannis Antocompo on the floor | Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

“The excuse was that I was late for the position. Honestly, I think everyone knows what the real story is. This was supposed to be Yannis’ sixth offense, they did not want to take him out of the game. You have to say things as they are. ”

Yannis Responded to the issue himself after the game: “First of all, this is only his opinion. At the end of the day, when I talk to him after the game, I respect him as a player. I think he’s great, I respect him for always being first on the floor, he trusts his teammates, he plays strong, he keeps the best player ever. So, that’s what I told him at the end of the game. I told him, ‘I respect you, I respect the fact that you play hard and I play hard.’ Nothing but that, I’m not going to attack him, that’s not my personality. I’m just trying to stay focused and help my team win, and I know he’s going to try to talk to me the whole game and try to get me out of concentration, and I respect the fact that he does. I understand. When I sit back and relax, I understand what he is trying to do. ”


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