NBA: LeBron James compliments the Toronto Raptors


On the night between Thursday and Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers managed to overcome a high hurdle in the form of city rival Los Angeles Clippers on the day of the return of the NBA Games, but tonight (Saturday through Sunday) Baron James and his teammates recorded their first bubble bubble at Disneyworld when they surrendered 107: 92 to the champion Toronto Raptors.

The team from City of Angels stopped at only 22 points in the last quarter against 35 of the Canadians and recorded their 15th loss this season, while the champion quietly comes to Money Time when she is very confident and the rivals already see her claim the crown, although she lost the big star about a year ago Kwai Leonard.

the coach Nick Ners Asked about this, he replied: “It does not seem to me that we are going to treat our victory so much, even before we did not really treat our victories, but that’s fine. We love to play and love to compete, know it’s hard to subdue us and I think we have not yet reached our glass ceiling. There was a timeout I took in the second quarter, I looked at the numbers and saw we were scoring 30 percent and still leading. It shows how strong our defense is. ”

Mark Gasol | Ashley Landis – Pool/Getty Images

LeBron James, Who finished with a double-double, but was stopped for 20 points, also complimented the champion and whoever might stand in about two months between him and a fourth championship ring: “This is a really great team, without mourning and without motherhood. This is a team that is well trained and has the DNA of a champion – this is something that cannot be taken from a team that wins a championship. She also has players like Mark Gasol who have been in the biggest classes and that’s something you see. “The media may not talk too much about Toronto or pay homage to it because Kwai has left, but the players in the league know which team it is.”

LeBron James
LeBron James | Ashley Landis – Pool/Getty Images


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