NBA: Damien Lillard exploded after the confrontation with the Clippers


A day after missing two free throws and a three-game losing streak to the Los Angeles Clippers, Damien Lillard exploded. The Portland Guard responded with 51 points (16/28 from the field and 15/16 from the penalty spot), 7 assists and 3 rebounds in a 121: 124 victory over Portland.

As I recall last night, in the closing seconds after he missed free throws Lillard was ridiculed by the Clippers stars Paul George and Patrick Beverly, behavior that led to stings on social media and caused Lillard to send a direct message to the two when he said: “You ask me about Patrick Beverly, someone I sent home at Substitute in Houston. You ask me about Paul George after I sent him home in Buzzer last season. They know who I am and they have reacted this way because of their expectations of me, which to me is a sign of respect. It just shows that over time, I have succeeded more than I have failed. I’m not hurt by that, if anything, it should make you realize how much pain they had when I put them in these situations in the past. ”

Paul George responded to the coordinator on Instagram and wrote: “You will be sent home this season”, but Lillard did not remain obligated and wrote: “Continue to change teams .. run away from the effort. You and your friends are zero. ”

Tonight (Sunday through Monday), after an amazing show that brought his team closer to eighth place in the West and equaled the amount of Memphis wins, Lillard breathed a sigh of relief: “Mentally, I enjoy these games. You see players start to break down and fade. You get to a point where only a limited number of players can continue to push and endure such a level of concentration. I like to take advantage of these situations because I know how much I am physically and mentally prepared for these moments. ”

Regarding the game against the Clippers, the star said: “After the game, I disgusted myself. I was frustrated, but that’s what it is. I talked to one of my best friends, and he said to me: ‘It happened for a reason … you had a lot of great moments that you transcended. You usually come out with your hand on top. You must expect a certain balance. You must know how to respond to failure. ‘ “I had time today to go back to the parquet and fix it, so that’s what I did.”

Another impressive achievement tonight is Carmelo Anthony, who overtook John Hablicek and Paul Pierce en route to 15th place in the all-time NBA scoring list. After the game, Anthony received the ball from Lillard and his teammates and was thrilled when he spoke to reporters: “First of all it is an honor, and I am blessed that I am still playing basketball. Getting to the top 15, I do not take it for granted, the biggest are here. It’s hard to celebrate right now, but I appreciate it. This is a great landmark. I do not want to underestimate it, but it is really difficult to concentrate on it and celebrate it when there are many more tasks to complete. ”


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