NBA: After 133: 134 over Brooklyn, Portland climbed to eighth place and knocked out Phoenix


The regular season at Bubble will finally close tomorrow (Friday-Saturday), but the real drama happened tonight when Portland secured eighth place after a dramatic 133: 134 win over Brooklyn that finally ended Phoenix’s playoff dreams – despite a streak of eight straight wins – and now What she has left is to fight for the eighth ticket to the playoffs against Memphis in the ranking games. Orlando interrupted the losing streak in its final game before the playoffs against New Orleans, and San Antonio and Greg Popovich ended a disappointing season with a 118-112 loss to Utah.

Brooklyn (37:35) – Portland (39:35) 134: 133

Following the Memphis and Phoenix wins earlier tonight, Portland realized that a win would elevate them to eighth place ahead of the ranking game against Portland while a loss ends their final journey. Damian Lillard proved once again why he is considered one of the hottest players in the bubble and starred with 42 points and 12 assists. Brooklyn on the other hand could have won the game, but Charis Lewart threw on the buzzer and missed.

Although she had nothing to play for, the Nets did not give up on the last second and even led by a double-digit advantage in the third quarter, but as mentioned Lillard took the game into his hands alongside CJ McCollum (25 points), Yusuf Norkitz 2 (22 points and 10 rebounds) . Charis Lewart who could have been the great hero of Memphis and Phoenix had it not been for the miss, stood out with 37 points to go, Timothy Lowe-Grave added 18.

Utah (38:44) – San Antonio (39:32) 112: 118

After 22 years, San Antonio and Greg Popovich finished the regular season without a ticket to the playoffs for the first time and they finished their way out of the top eight. Even before the move to the floor, the Spurs’ fate was decided due to victories for Phoenix and Memphis, and they recorded another loss that leaves a taste of disappointment for next season. Utah, on the other hand, who secured sixth place and will face Denver in the playoffs, closed an early story and climbed to a 17-point lead at the end of the first quarter, maintaining the lead until the buzzer – even though it slowed down in the fourth quarter. Reijon Tucker led the host list with 18, Caldon Johnson stood out with 24 against.

Another result

Orlando (40:33) – New Orleans (42:30) 127: 133


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