National Crisis Center: ‘If it continues like this, Brussels will reach the level of the province of Antwerp’


Virologist Steven Van Gucht. – Isopix

The National Crisis Center gave another update on the epidemiological situation during a press conference on Wednesday morning.

In the past week, an average of 604 new infections were diagnosed per day. ‘Fortunately, we have been seeing for a few days that this increase is leveling off. Exponential growth seems to have stopped, ‘says Steven Van Gucht, who points to geographical differences. ‘In the province of Antwerp we see a decrease of 3 percent. We see the largest increase in the Brussels-Capital Region. ‘ If the increase continues, the region will reach the current level of the province of Antwerp within two weeks, the scientists suspect.

Van Gucht also explained the figures that are monitored daily. During the first wave, the focus was mainly on the hospital figures, while these are now more the new infections. That switch was made consciously, the interfederal spokesperson indicated. “We have sufficient testing capacity and the contamination figures better indicate how the situation is evolving,” he said. ‘Rising figures are an important wake-up call to intervene and prevent an overload of the hospital system from occurring.’

Finally, the National Crisis Center emphasized that there are no objections to using air conditioning during this heat wave. ‘That is even important in places where people live that are vulnerable to extreme heat, such as in residential care centers. If the installation is properly maintained, there is no risk of contamination, ‘he said.

Source: BusinessAM


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