Nasrallah in first speech since disaster in Beirut: “We have nothing in port”


Three days after a massive explosion destroyed large parts of Beirut, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah broke his silence. We have nothing in the port – no missile depot and no weapons, nothing. ”

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The pressure on Hezbollah has increased in recent days after it was pointed at him, among other things, by the accusing finger from the citizens and various factors, mainly due to the assessment that he stored a large arms port. Similar to reports in recent days, Nasrallah stressed in his speech that he does not want an international investigation but an internal investigation that will be conducted by the military and will bring to justice all those responsible for the disaster. On the other hand, members of the Sunni camp estimate that the port contained, among other things, weapons, ammunition and weapons of the terrorist organization.

In his first speech since the catastrophe, Nasrallah said: “Before I postponed my speech, I intended to speak on issues related to Israel, among others, but today, following the disaster, I will not talk about it. I will talk only about the disaster. For us at Hezbollah – we are ready to help, all our institutions And the human and material means available to the state to deal with this disaster. ”

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“When such a catastrophe happens all over the world we transcend all disputes and conflicts and help each other, leave everything else and give a chance to treat the wounded. In Lebanon, unfortunately, since the first hour – while no one knows what happened there – present a decisive version – it Hezbollah missile depot that exploded. This is an extraordinary injustice – without any investigation – Hezbollah’s warehouse, Hezbollah’s missiles, Hezbollah, Hezbollah. I emphasize that we have nothing in the port – no missile depot and no weapons, nothing, no warehouse and no name Our other thing. ”

Nasrallah went on to vehemently deny that he was in Hezbollah’s port of arms: “As for the claim that Hezbollah is responsible because it sits in the port and controls it: we do not manage the port, and do not know what is in it. We know what Haifa has better than Beirut. The resistance. ”

“The important thing is the investigation. The president has announced that the incident will be seriously investigated, everyone involved will give the verdict. There is a Lebanese consensus on an investigation that should be conducted fairly, with everyone involved should give the verdict regardless of his ethnic or political affiliation.”

Disaster in a Lebanese capital port
Photo: Reuters

Lebanese residents are angry

Earlier today, the Lebanese president told local media that the circumstances of the explosion were still being investigated and that the cause of the heavy disaster may be foreign intervention. He said there was a possibility that the explosion occurred due to a missile, bomb or other action by foreign elements.

Crowds went out tonight to demonstrate about the difficult situation that has prevailed in Lebanon in recent days, among the protesters were also several dozen port workers who even tried to break into the parliament building. Eighteen people were arrested in this daring attempt that failed and the rest of the protesters were dispersed by police forces using tear gas.

The main reason for the protesters’ anger stems from recent revelations of documents showing that many elements in the Lebanese administration are known for the existence of the ammonium nitrate in the port of Beirut. New documents unveiled this week indicate that several Lebanese government agencies have been updated on the nitrous oxide stored, including the Lebanese Ministry of Justice, but these have done nothing to prevent a disaster like the one that occurred.

Protests outside the Lebanese parliament
Protests outside the Lebanese parliament building | Photo: Reuters


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