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The defining Dow Jones index posted a closing profit of 0.9% at 26,664.54 points, the Nasdaq technology exchange rose 1.5% to 10,902.80 points, and the broad S&P 500 gained 0.7% at 3294.62 points .

In the afternoon, Federal Reserve Chairman James Bullard reported seeing a V-shaped recovery, which would mark a strong growth spurt for the third quarter. That statement gave hope, according to market researchers.

The White House and Congress, meanwhile, went on to discuss a new support package. On Friday, support of $ 600 per person per month ended. An alternative is being sought to limit the impact on companies and employees when the number of corona infections increases.

According to the Washington Post, President Trump wants to independently pursue a large support package for the American economy. There is major disagreement between Republicans and Democrats in Congress about the extent of that support. Investors ignored tensions between the United States and China this weekend.

According to Capital Economics, the political struggle with the impending presidential elections will play an increasingly important role: it will increase instability.

Sentiment on Wall Street pushed sentiment on Chinese production and an allegedly accelerated release of the corona vaccine. The American medicine maker Eli Lilly (+ 1.7%) confirmed the third phase of the development of the experimental drug LY-CoV555 in some nursing homes.

Russia claimed its ‘Sputnik’ moment. It reported that it could quickly treat infected Russians with a drug that had not yet been fully tested from the Gamaleja center and the Vector Institute.

Gold futures briefly touched $ 2,000, but the price then cooled 0.2%. US oil started at a loss, but turned to 1.3% gains at $ 41 a barrel.

Microsoft wants TikTok and is rising

Microsoft ended 5.6% higher. There would still be a deal about the acquisition of the American part of TikTok. Microsoft confirmed his interest. Also Tesla (+ 3.8%) went up.

Apple rose 2.5%. Despite the charges brought by a Chinese artificial intelligence company for the alleged infringement of one of its patents allegedly in Siri voice. Apple also bought the start-up Mobeewave for $ 100 million. This year, Apple rose over 45% on the stock market.

Googleparent company Alphabet posted a profit and recorded a 0.4% decline. The technology company is investing $ 450 million in security company ADT. It will develop products together. This offers opportunities for expanding Google’s Nest cameras in the market with private individuals.

Varian plussed after takeover bid Siemens

The share of medical technology company Varian went up 22% on acquisition news: Siemens Healthineers is said to have made an offer of $ 16.4 billion for the group specializing in cancer treatment.

The American Marathon Patroleum (+ 1%) Speedway gas stations bumped into the parent company of chain 7-11. Marathon reduced its refining activities. The quarterly loss was $ 1.33 per share, where the market expected a minus of $ 1.75. Occidental Petroleum surrendered 10%, NaturalGas rose 11%.

The share News Corp. won 2.2% after the sudden departure of son James Murdoch from the company of father Rupert Murdoch, because of disagreement about the conservative course.

Cruisemaatschappijen Norwegian, Carnival in Royal Carribean lost 3 to 5%.

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