Naming & shaming! These 34 undemocratic VVD, D66, CDA and CU MPs fled from a motion for healthcare salary – De Dagaily Standaard


Ladies and gentlemen: we’ve got them! The list in particular of the 35 “” ”representatives of the people” ”” who ran away with their cowardly tails between their even cowardly legs as soon as a vote had to be taken on a motion on health care wages.

Can you imagine? So that you are a health care worker who has worked all the hard way last spring, to ensure that the Netherlands does not get drowned in a deadly pandemic. And that the House then, months later, will decide again whether there might be a salary increase for that incredibly important work. But yes, difficult difficult difficult. Because that costs money, and so many biomass plants still have to be built, the burden on companies kept low and parents harassed by the tax authorities.

So what do you do if the opposition MP Geert Wilders ultimately decides to vote by roll call? Then you peer it. All together. 33 MPs who simply dive for their task as representative of the people and go home. What does it matter? As a Member of Parliament you will get paid anyway, royally. All those nurses must first survive another three hundred pandemics!

And fin, who were these heroes then? Well, her. Remember their names. And above all, go not vote for them in the upcoming parliamentary elections. These anti-democrats are seriously unworthy of the profession of MP.

At the VVD (14):

Bente Becker
Martijn Bolkestein
Zohair El Yassini
Mark Harbers
Rudmer Heerema
Sophie Hermans
Sven Koopmans
Antoinette Avenue Company
Roald van der Linde
Anne Mulder
Bart Smals
Dennis Wiersma
Jeroen van Wijngaarden
Erik Ziengs

At the CDA (8):

Chris van Dam
Lenny Geluk-Poortvliet
Jaco Geurts
Pieter Heerma
Michel Rog
Evert Jan Slootweg
Julius Terpstra
Madeleine van Toorenburg

At D66 (10):

Vera Bergkamp
Antje Diertens
Pia Dijkstra
Tjeerd de Groot
Paul van Meenen
Jan Paternotte
Clean Raemakers
Rutger Schonis
Sjoerd Sjoerdsma
Joost Sneller

At the ChristenUnie (2):

Gert Jan Segers
Joel Voordewind

Shame, shame, shame!


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