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High Five was the most successful boy band in Israel and in the 90s the five boys had thousands of fans and mostly fans with hits that conquered the radio. 4 years ago and just before a historic comeback Amir Fay Gutman fell ill and later drowned. Now two of the band – Eyal Shachar and Michael Harpaz return with a new song and tell in an interview about the days of glory. They explain why Yehuda Levy was not accepted to High Five, and also reveal the big rift that led to Amir asking that they not come to his funeral.

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It all started in 1996, when the band was formed. Michael Harpaz, one of the members of High Five, said of the meticulous casting: “There is a parent with a lot of money who chose tweezers … there was one who looked like this, one who spoke a little English, one who was a little more muscular, one more dancing, one more talking, one more singing. “.

This may also be the reason why Yehuda Levy was not accepted at the time. “Yehuda Levy auditioned for High Five, and they didn’t accept him, he was too young,” Harpaz said. Preparations for the stage took about a year. During the quintet they went through an elongated apprenticeship that included voice development classes, dance lessons, gym work, and lubrication the publicist machine that blew them to the skies. They conquered every corner and were everywhere. “We were like the biggest thing in this country. We broke all the records, “Harpaz said.

“He was too young.” Yehuda Levi | Photo: From “Good evening with Guy Pines”, Keshet 12

During her tenure, the band has released four albums, with dozens of hits, including the well-known anthems “Cloudy Day”, “Everyone is Dancing Now”, “Standing on a Cliff”, and of course “I am the Fire and also the Water”. In January 1999, Michael Harpaz announced that he was leaving the band. “Amir, his memory for blessing, took it the hardest. He told me he would never talk to me,” Harpaz shared.

Ticket sales for the farewell show from Michael have skyrocketed. The four remaining members of the band continued to work together and the band’s third record was released in July 1999. This album was also a huge success with the hit “Standing on a Cliff”. Still, and despite the relative success, the sense of accomplishment increased, and the band disbanded after only four years of activity. For fans it was the most cloudy day of the year.

high five
In the days of glory. High Five Band | Photo: The News 12

“The truth is that I did not miss him while he was alive”

One of the band members, Eyal Shachar, said that there were fans who wanted to commit suicide following the dissolution. Over a decade later, Harpaz decided it was time to unite the band. “So I had a master plan: I would start the process of uniting the High Five band,” he said.

In March 2016, the band performed on “The Next Star”, and gave a taste ahead of the historic Union show. But at the height of preparations for the High Five reunion show, Amir Frischer Guttman felt weak and came for tests at Ichilov. Following the diagnosis that Amir had cancer, the band announced that they were canceling the union show.

In the world of culture, Frischer Guttman is revered
The late Amir Fay Gutman | Photo: From “People”

Amir “came back to life” after the misdiagnosis that he had cancer, but during the celebrations of the anniversary of his rebirth, a disaster occurred. A day after he drowned while trying to save his niece from drowning, he passed away. In his spiritual will, which he wrote as a scene in a musical about his life, Amir asked his family members that members of the High Five band not be allowed to come to his funeral, if it is, God forbid, a ceiling.

This is because they did not come to visit him at the hospital. Shahar shared and said it did not hurt him. “If you love someone, release him. To tell you I miss him would be very pretentious. It would be to come out well in the article,” he recounted, adding: “The truth is I was not missing in the time he was alive, in my life, that I would have something to miss.” .

Since we became today – Harpaz and Shahar have decided that they will not give up their great love for music, and this week they released a new single, “Who I Am”, from a big project that will be launched soon. “That everyone knew how to hum him,” Harpaz said of his ambitions for the song.


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