N12 – The suspicion of abuse in Ramla: After the aides


Suspicion of violence in a kindergarten in Ramla: Police announced this morning (Monday) that the park owner has been arrested after being questioned for the second time. She will be brought to the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court during the day for a hearing. About a week ago, she gave an exclusive interview to the N12 in which she claimed that she did not hide anything from anyone: “The aides betrayed me.

Last Friday, thePolice said the kindergarten principal was questioned on suspicion of violating the Dormitory Supervision Act. In the case, four assistants from the nursery have already been arrested and questioned: Ruhama Saad, Nirit Sawid, Hani Tzetzvili and Orly Sharoni Shragani. Their detention was extended again Last Thursday – And the police attribute to them serious offenses. The other suspicions against the owner of the kindergarten: neglect of a minor and there is a suspicion that she was also involved in the assault of the babies – along with the 4 assistants who have already been arrested.

The nursery staff where the abuse was suspected

The court ruled that there was a reasonable suspicion that the aides committed violent offenses against helpless babies and their detention was extended by three days. The photo obtained by N12 shows the assistants suspected of abuse together with the nursery staff. Advocate Yaron Forer said in the videos that reached the parents of the kindergarten on Tuesday, workers in the nursery were seen apparently handing objects at toddlers aged one and two years.

Last weekend, the owner of the nursery came to the Ramla police station to give a second testimony, but as the testimony progressed, she became a cautionary interrogation. The suspicion is the lack of reporting to the Kindergartens and Daycare Division, ostensibly, on an incident of violence involving one of the suspects’ assistants in the past.

The parents of the nursery children
The nursery parents in front of the court last week

In an exclusive interview the kindergarten owner gave to N12 last week, L. first commented on videos documenting the seemingly difficult cases – and apologized to the parents: “The aides betrayed me, I’m so sorry.”

At the beginning of the interview, L. burst into tears: “I did not hide anything from anyone – the cameras were always visible to parents as well, everyone knew there were cameras in the garden. As soon as I found out about the videos I was just shocked. What I saw there was terrible.” She said she had no clue what was going on under her nose. “The aides betrayed my trust, I believed in them so much – I would not let that happen in life. I had no hand in anything.”

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