N12 – New in the IDF: Answers to Korna tests


The army’s fight against the virus is gaining momentum: The IDF launched a new robot in its testing laboratory yesterday (Tuesday), which will significantly increase the number of corona tests performed daily – and shorten the response time to only 30 hours on average. In addition, the IDF has formulated a new position that will include the Test topic: Corona branch head.

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A few months ago, the Medical Corps established the IDF Corona Virus Laboratory, based on the military rabbinate’s genomic laboratory. This laboratory, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, conducts groundbreaking research aimed at promoting and developing technologies for rapid detection The virus, in order to provide a quick response and allow early amputation of the infection chains in the IDF.

The IDF Corona Laboratory

The IDF emphasized that the corona virus identification laboratory enables the maintenance of the functional continuity and operational competence of the IDF and other security forces. “The power of the IDF laboratory is not only expressed in the sophisticated mechanization but first and foremost in human capital,” added the commander of the IDF Corona laboratory, Lt. Col. Dr. Noam Frutter. “The wonderful team that works nights and days and takes care of the health of IDF soldiers is the most significant force multiplier in the laboratory’s capabilities.”

The laboratory of the IDF
Thanks to the new robot – more tests and quick answers
The laboratory of the IDF
“The Most Significant Power Multiplier – Human Capital”

A new position in the IDF: RAAN Corona

The head of the new corona branch appointed last week is Major Adi Bohbot, who was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel upon appointment. The branch he will be in charge of will be responsible for including the complete response to the servants regarding the testing circuit and the Corona laboratory in the IDF. To the house.

The ranks of the lieutenant colonel were awarded to Bohbot, head of the Technology and Logistics Division, Major General Itzik Turgeman, and his wife, who is also a medical organization officer. Every effort will be made to eradicate the plague and maintain the IDF’s competence.


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