N12 – Minister Akonis: If blue and white will fail the budget


The Minister for Regional Cooperation, Ophir Akunis, was interviewed today (Monday) in the GLC and stated unequivocally that if this week does not pass an annual budget – the Likud will strive to establish an alternative government within the current Knesset. Earlier today Netanyahu addressed the budget issue and explained that an annual budget It is a “vital thing” for the Israeli economy and urged that it be transferred immediately.

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Akonis was interviewed on Wilensky and Bardugo’s program and said that “if we do not bring the government an annual budget this week, it also depends on grants for sure, and will not make any decisions by a majority of democratic votes and if blue and white fail – everyone knows who will degenerate Israel into fourth elections. Ganz “.

Akonis added that similar to rumors that Blue and White are not going to give up on a biennial budget issue, the Netanyahu-led Likud also “does not intend to blink.” Akonis explained that due to the fear of a third wave in early winter, his party supports the transfer of an annual budget that will inject money.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Bnei Gantz | Photo: Mark Israel Salem, Flash 90

Akunis further explained that if the unity government does not reach an agreement, the Likud will strive to form an alternative government without dissolving the Knesset. “If blue and whites fail the annual budget, we may degenerate into elections. My and the Likud’s desire is that the Knesset will not be dissolved but another government will be formed within the 23rd Knesset.”

Prof. Zelicha: “We need a new economic policy”

Earlier today, the prime minister convened a meeting of the Likud faction during which he spoke about some of the burning issues, including the budget. Netanyahu explained that for him, an annual budget must be transferred so that “we can inject more money into the citizens and we can give certainty and stability to the Israeli economy. This is a vital thing.”

Netanyahu also said that if the budget plan proposed by the Likud party does not pass, it means that there will be “very significant cuts.” He went on to say: “It’s economic decrees. It’s just the opposite of what needs to be done. It’s not the time for cuts, it’s the time to keep injecting money into citizens. We need to open the school year on time, transfer money to the health system to prepare for winter. That is the order of the day. ”

Professor Yaron Zelicha, who was the former Accountant General in the Ministry of Finance, addressed the issue today and said, among other things, that a biennial budget would be more correct at this stage. “The prime minister’s remarks indicate how he is trying to escape economic policy-making, he is trying to postpone the end. We are in a ship that is sinking. We must start powerful growth engines. Powerful engines do not run in the immediate term, it will take at least 12-9 months, if We will not activate them today, not only will 2021 be lost, 2022 will also be lost. ”

Shlomo Maoz, a senior economics commentator and who serves as a director in many companies in Israel, explains that Prof. Zelicha’s approach is correct in his opinion, but at this stage it would be more appropriate to transfer an annual budget, mainly because it is worth waiting and seeing what happens. “I think we will first make a budget, finish it and then make the reforms that the government is really afraid of maybe in December-January.”


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